• Icon-Field-Armor3-Vest-main Icon-Field-Armor3-Vest-back


    Icon Field Armor 3 Vest

    Icon Field Armor 3 Vest   Features Vented bio-foam and air mesh chassis paired to an articulating injection-molded shell with airflow channels, keeping you cool and comfortable D3O® Viper chest and back impact protectors provide...

  • Icon-Field-Armor-Softcore-Vest-Black-main Icon-Field-Armor-Softcore-Vest-Black-back


    Icon Field Armor Softcore Vest

    Icon Field Armor Softcore Vest.   Features Low-profile design for use under a jacket Iron Weave™ mesh chassis D3O® CP1 Chest impact protector D3O® Viper back impact protector Elastic waist straps provide an adjustable fit Sublima…

  • Thor-Sentinel-LTD-Race-Roost-Guard-Black-Main Thor-Sentinel-LTD-Race-Roost-Guard-Black-Rear-View

    Thor Sentinel LTD Race Roost Guard

    Thor Sentinel LTD Race Roost Guard.   Features Lightweight low-profile front and back panel design Press-Fit molded and ventilated comfort liner system Abundantly placed ventilation ports for maximum cooling Adjustable elastic closure with...

    $119.95 - $129.95
  • Motorcycle Armor Vest

    Team Motorcycle proudly introduces its Motorcycle Armor Vest, a rider safety and protection model for enthusiasts who prioritize their well-being on the road. The strategically placed armor panels, made from cutting-edge materials, offer riders comprehensive coverage without compromising comfort or mobility. Team Motorcycle's commitment to rider safety is evident in every detail, ensuring that our motorcycle vest armor meets the strict standards of protection required for the dynamic challenges of motorcycle riding.

    Beyond its protective capabilities, The vest's ergonomic design allows unrestricted movement, ensuring a natural and comfortable fit that won't hinder your riding experience. With adjustable features and breathable construction, our armor vests integrate into your riding gear, giving riders the confidence to tackle any adventure. Advance your safety measures on the road with Team Motorcycle, where our armored motorcycle vests stand as a testament to our dedication to keeping riders secure and stylish on every ride.

    Why Choose Biker Armor Vest

    Biker armor vests are the go-to choice for riders prioritizing maximum protection without compromising comfort. These vests typically feature built-in armor panels strategically placed to safeguard vital areas during a fall or collision. The armor used in these vests absorbs and distributes impact energy, reducing the risk of injury. Choosing a biker armor vest is a proactive step toward personal safety, especially for riders engaged in more challenging riding disciplines or those prioritizing a higher level of protection during their journeys.

    Features of Motorcycle Armor Vest

    Here are the key features of motorcycle armored vest:

    1. Protective armor inserts.
    2. CE certification.
    3. Breathable construction.
    4. Adjustable straps.
    5. Versatile layering.

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