Armor Vests

Armor Vests and Protective Vests are available from Team Motorcycle in a variety of styles, colors and sizes. Protecting yourself is the most important aspect of motorcycle riding. This is the reason why we offer an extensive collection of armored motorcycle vests at affordable prices.

Whether you are heading out onto the highway for a quick cruise or hitting some evil whoops on your dirt bike, motorcycle riding can be a fun and exciting way to spend the day. Unfortunately, it can also be dangerous. On the highway, you have to contend with distracted drivers and gravel-covered turns. And, of course, you never really know what you might encounter when you go off-roading. That's why it's important to wear safety equipment, such as a motorcycle armor or protective vest.

These vests have been designed to provide you with protection in the event of a spill. For example, some of our vests boast back protectors, while others offer injection molded chest plates or padded shoulder overlays for more durability. You can also wear these vests under or over a jacket for added protection.

At Team Motorcycle, we offer protective and armor vests from Icon, one of the leading manufacturers in the motorcycle industry. Icon's vests have been thoroughly thought out and have been designed with the comfort and safety of the rider in mind. So you will find features, for example, that will help keep you cool and dry on hot days, such a moisture wicking liners and vents. And because a vest that is designed to protect a rider in the event of a spill needs to fit properly, we also offer ones that have been made specifically to fit the female body.

At Team Motorcycle, our protective motorcycle vests also come in a variety of materials, including leather and textiles. They are also available in a wide range of sizes. We even have vests that go all the way up to 5XL for our bigger riders. And we always strive to offer our customer the best prices possible so that you can buy from us with confidence.

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