Canyon Dancer Bar Harness II

  • Canyon Dancer Bar Harness II

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Canyon Dancer Bar Harness II.



  • Polycarbonate “cups” eliminate possible damage to grips.
  • The cups hold the cross straps out further to better clear a wider variety of fairings.
  • The Bar Harness gives you a place to attach tie downs to a motorcycle or scooter that is high and wide for good support.
  • The Canyon Dancer Bar Harness keeps your tie downs away from expensive paint and plastic bodywork.
  • The closed end design prevents the cups from creeping inward and damaging bodywork.
  • New “cups” help eliminate possible damage to soft grips and even heated grips.
  • Sized to fit even the fattest grips in the industry.
  • Injection molded polycarbonate cups are reinforced with stainless steel D-Ring “lay-ins” for added safety.
  • The new cups makes the bar-harness even easier to install correctly.
  • Break testing shows the Bar Harness II to withstand pulling forces over 1800 pounds per each side.
  • Our webbing and stitch patterns have shown to be stronger than the best coated-wire tie down hooks in the industry.


Size Fits
Short Up to 28" Bar Width
Standard Up to 32" Bar Width
X-Wide Up to 36" Bar Width
XX-Wide Up to 40" Bar Width
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