E-Bike Helmets

  • Fly-Racing-Rayce-MTB-Mountain-Bike-Helmet-black-white-main Fly-Racing-Rayce-MTB-Mountain-Bike-Helmet-black-white-side-view

    Fly Racing

    Fly Racing Rayce MTB Mountain Bike Helmet

    Fly Racing Rayce MTB Mountain Bike Helmet. Features CPSC 1203, ASTM F1952-15, CE EN 1078:2012/A1:2012 Aerodynamic lightweight poly-alloy shell Padded chin strap with a D-ring closure Aluminum visor screws CSPC certified EPS foam liner for protection…

  • Kali-Chakra-Solo-Solid-Bicycle-Helmet-White-main Kali-Chakra-Solo-Solid-Bicycle-Helmet-White-back-side-view


    Kali Chakra Solo Solid Bicycle Helmet

    The Chakra Solo punches well above its weight with its classic styling and comfortable fit. You’re never alone when you roll the Chakra Solo.FeaturesRemovable, washable and anti-microbial padsBreak-away, removable visorDial fit system15...

  • Kali-Pace-Fade-Bicycle-Helmet-main Kali-Pace-Fade-Bicycle-Helmet-back-side-view


    Kali Pace Fade Bicycle Helmet

    Whether you are going for a ride in the neighborhood with kids, hitting your local trailhead with your buddies or commuting to work by yourself, the Pace has you covered.The Pace uses Composite Fusion™ technology and our proprietary QuadCore LDL laye…

  • Kali-Pace-Solid-Bicycle-Helmet-main Kali-Pace-Solid-Bicycle-Helmet-back-side-view


    Kali Pace Solid Bicycle Helmet

    Whether you are going for a ride in the neighborhood with kids, hitting your local trailhead with your buddies or commuting to work by yourself, the Pace has you covered.FeaturesRemovable, washable and anti-microbial padsBreak-away, removable...

  • Kali-DH-Invader-LTD-Glitch-Bicycle-Helmet-Black-White-Red-main Kali-DH-Invader-LTD-Glitch-Bicycle-Helmet-Black-White-Red-side-view


    Kali DH Invader LTD Glitch Bicycle Helmet

    The brand new Invader DH takes this proven category leader to a new level with added protection making an already great helmet perfect for riding between the tape, double black diamond runs and anywhere else you’re dreaming of going big...

  • Alpinestars-Vector-Tech-MIPS-Bicycle-Helmet-black-Grey-main Alpinestars-Vector-Tech-MIPS-Bicycle-Helmet-black-Grey-back-view


    Alpinestars Vector Tech MIPS Bicycle Helmet

    Lightweight and strong, the MIPS-equipped Vector Tech helmet has been designed for MTB use. Featuring 19 openings for effective ventilation, with a reinforced air scoop at the front for additional strength, the Vector Tech offers extended coverage ar…

  • Alpinestars-Missile-Tech-MIPS-Motorcycle-Helmet-main Alpinestars-Missile-Tech-MIPS-Motorcycle-Helmet-front-view


    Alpinestars Missile Tech MIPS Downhill MTB Helmet

    Lightweight and strong, the Missile Tech helmet has been designed specifically for downhill riding. Featuring 22 openings for maximum airflow and ventilation, the Missile Tech helmet is MIPS-equipped for mitigation against the causes of brain injurie…

  • 6D-ATB-2T-Ascent-Mountain-Bike-Helmet-Matte-Black-main 6D-ATB-2T-Ascent-Mountain-Bike-Helmet-Matte-Black-front-view

    6D Helmets

    6D ATB-2T Ascent Mountain Bike Helmet

    Designed and engineered with the singular goal of building the safest trail helmet possible, the new 6D ATB-2T features a 3/4 shell design that provides increased coverage, improved venting, lighter weight, and a sleeker profile than its predecessor.…

    MSRP: $229.95
  • Kali-Central-Lit-Solid-Half-Face-Bicycle-Helmet-Matte-Black-Main Kali-Central-Lit-Solid-Half-Face-Bicycle-Helmet-pic


    Kali Central Lit Solid Half Face Bicycle Helmet

    Stay cool, covered and highly visible with this stylish urban helmet. The Central Lit uses Composite Fusion™ and comes with plentiful venting, integrated visor, and micro USB rechargeable flashing rear light. Micro USB sold separately. Features…

  • Kali-Traffic-2-0-Solid-Half-Face-Bicycle-Helmet-Matte-Black-Main Kali-Traffic-2-0-Solid-Half-Face-Bicycle-Helmet-Matte-Black-Back-View


    Kali Traffic 2.0 Solid Half Face Bicycle Helmet

    The Traffic 2.0 is specifically designed to keep you safe and sound on any and all of your E-Bike adventures.Regardless of where you find yourself pedaling, whether it’s work, the park, the grocery store or just taking the opportunity to get a.…

  • Kali-Open-Face-Invader-Bicycle-Helmet-Main Kali-Open-Face-Invader-Bicycle-Helmet-pic


    Kali Open Face Invader Bicycle Helmet

    The OF Invader is built using Composite Fusion, a process that fuses the helmet shell and foam enabling us to use a thinner shell, creating a lighter stronger helmet and includes a RHEON Low Density Layer for protection from non-linear and rotational…

  • Kali-Invader-2.0-Solid-Full-Face-Bicycle-Helmet-Matte-Black-Main Kali-Invader-2.0-Solid-Full-Face-Bicycle-Helmet-Matte-Black-pic


    Kali Invader 2.0 Solid Full Face Bicycle Helmet

    The ultimate trail helmet to keep your head safe and your teeth in place. Updated with new dial fit. We listened to your feed back on the original Invader and feel like we have solved the fit issues for finicky heads. If you tried the first Invader a…

  • 100%-Trajecta-Fidlock-Mountain-Bike-Helmet-Black/White-Main 100%-Trajecta-Fidlock-Mountain-Bike-Helmet-Black/White-Front-View


    100% Trajecta Fidlock Mountain Bike Helmet

    100% Trajecta Fidlock Mountain Bike Helmet. Features Smartshock® Rotational Protective System (13 point) Light, full face enduro and all mountain helmet Multi-Density EPS foam injection molded with polycarbonate in two size specific molds...

  • 100%-Aircraft-2-Mountain-Bike-Helmet-Main 100%-Aircraft-2-Mountain-Bike-Helmet-Front-View


    100% Aircraft 2 Mountain Bike Helmet

    100% Aircraft 2 Mountain Bike Helmet. Features Multi-point adjustable visor designed for maximum vision and goggle stowage Carbon fiber shell Injection molded chin bar integration Dual Density EPS, injection molded with polycarbonate 14 point...

  • Kali-Maya-3-0-Solid-Half-Face-Bicycle-Helmet-Matte-Black-main Kali-Maya-3-0-Solid-Half-Face-Bicycle-Helmet-Matte-Black-pic


    Kali Maya 3.0 Solid Half Face Bicycle Helmet

    MAYA MADNESS The Maya 3.0 has some big shoes to fill. The Maya has been a Kali Krew favorite and one of our best sellers since its inception. The only real complaint was from our friends in hotter climates, as the previous iteration could get a littl…

  • Kali-Uno-Solid-Half-Face-Bicycle-Helmet-Matte-Black-main Kali-Uno-Solid-Half-Face-Bicycle-Helmet-Matte-Black-pic


    Kali Uno Solid Half Face Bicycle Helmet

    THE UNO This one delivers a modern, stylish package to keep you looking good, remaining cool and being safe wherever the “road” might take you.The Uno uses Contego 3 foam to disperse energy in the most efficient way possible during larger…

  • 100%-Altis-Bicycle-Helmet-White-Main 100%-Altis-Bicycle-Helmet-Camo-Main


    100% Altis Bicycle Helmet

    The new 100% Altis. Engineered for the demands of the modern-day mountain biker. Lightweight, breathable with class leading performance and safety all with a modest budget in mind. Features Smartshock® Rotational Protective System (11 point) Hig…

  • 100%-Altis-Gravel-Bicycle-Helmet-Camo-main 100%-Altis-Gravel-Bicycle-Helmet-Camo-back-view


    100% Altis Gravel Bicycle Helmet

    The new 100% Altis Gravel. Engineered for the demands of the modern-day gravel rider. Lightweight, breathable with class leading performance and safety features with a modest budget in mind. Features Massive airflow with an impressive 14 ventilation…

  • 100%-STATUS-Downhill/BMX-ESSENTIAL-Black-Motorcycle-Helmet-Main 100%-STATUS-Downhill/BMX-ESSENTIAL-Black-Motorcycle-Helmet-Front-View


    Downhill/BMX ESSENTIAL Black Motorcycle Helmet

    Downhill/BMX ESSENTIAL Black Motorcycle Helmet When considering a helmet, ensure it meets safety standards for your specific activity (Downhill/BMX ESSENTIAL Black Motorcycle Helmet), provides a proper fit, and is comfortable for extended use...

  • 100%-STATUS-Caltec/Gray-Motorcycle-Helmet-Main 100%-STATUS-Caltec/Gray-Motorcycle-Helmet-Front-View


    100% STATUS Caltec/Gray Motorcycle Helmet

    100% STATUS Caltec/Gray Motorcycle Helmet. Features Active cooling system increases airflow offering maximum ventilation while riding and also while rider is stationary Ultra-light design featuring a composite fiberglass shell Compatible with...

  • E Bike Helmets

    Team Motorcycle is your one-stop destination for e-bike enthusiasts searching for reliable and stylish e-bike helmets. Team Motorcycle offers a diverse selection of high-quality helmets for electric bicycle riders. Whether commuting through urban streets or exploring recreational e-bike adventures, we have the perfect e-bike helmet to match your safety and comfort needs.

    Why Choose E Bike Helmets

    E-bike helmets are explicitly designed for electric bicycle riders. They provide essential protection while accommodating the unique needs of e-bike riders, who may experience varying speeds and terrains. Available in various styles, including traditional bike helmets, commuter helmets, and even mountain bike helmets, they often come with built-in LED lights, reflective elements, and adjustable visors. These helmets prioritize style and functionality for urban and recreational e-bike enthusiasts, ensuring safety and comfort during electric bike rides.

    Features Of Best E Bike Helmets

    The following are some of the key features of e-bike helmets:

    1. Electric bike helmets offer essential protection for mixed speeds and terrains.
    2. Many e-bike helmets have built-in LED lights for increased visibility.
    3. Reflective elements add safety for urban and recreational e-bike enthusiasts.
    4. Visors provide comfort and customization options for different riding conditions.

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