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  • Full Face Motorcycle Helmets

    Choosing the fitting motorcycle full-face helmet is an important decision, and at Team Motorcycle, we're here to help you with that choice. Full-face helmets are known for their superior safety, protecting the top of your head and chin. 

    Full-face helmets come in a wide price range, starting at less than $100 and going up from there. While you don't necessarily need the most expensive option, a higher budget can improve quality and features. The fit of your helmet is crucial. If it's too large, it may shift around on your head, causing neck discomfort. No matter the price, an ill-fitting helmet won't serve its purpose effectively. At Team Motorcycle, we offer a diverse range of full-face helmets, many from top brands like Shoei, Arai, Bell, and AGV.

    Why Choose Full-Face Bike Helmets

    There are several compelling reasons for motorcycle riders to choose a full-face biker helmet. Firstly, full-face bike helmets provide the highest level of protection for your head and face. They cover the entire demand, including the chin and face, shielding you from potential impacts during accidents, flying trash, or harsh weather conditions. This comprehensive coverage significantly reduces the risk of facial injuries and trauma, making it a top safety choice.

    Secondly, full-face bike helmets excel in noise reduction and wind resistance. They create a sealed environment that minimizes wind noise and turbulence, allowing riders to enjoy a quieter and more comfortable riding experience. This can be particularly important during long rides, as reduced noise levels can help combat rider fatigue.

    Features of Full Face Motorcycle Helmets

    Here are the key features of Full Face biker helmets:

    1. These helmets cover the entire head, including the face, chin, and jaw.
    2. The multi-layered construction with an impact-absorbing liner, typically made of EPS foam, absorbs and dissipates the force of impacts.
    3. Full-face bike helmets have a built-in face shield that protects the eyes from wind, debris, and UV rays. 
    4. Many shields are optically correct and have anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings.
    5. Their streamlined shape reduces wind resistance and minimizes head movement at high speeds, reducing rider fatigue.

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