Gmax FF49 Cheek Pads

  • Gmax FF49 Cheek Pads

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Gmax FF49 Cheek Pads.


Fits For Gmax FF49 Model




  • Make a great fit a perfect fit or keep your helmet feeling fresh with replacement cheek pads




The way cheek pads fit can make a huge difference in the way a helmet feels. Too tight and you'll be uncomfortable. Too loose and the helmet will be noisy and will move around when riding. There is some amount of personal preference when selecting the proper size. The cheek pads will break in substantially in the first couple hours of riding so go with the tightest fit you can comfortably wear


Helmet Size Cheek Pad Size Shell Size
XS 45mm Small
S 40mm
M 35mm Medium
L 30mm
XL 25mm Large
2XL 20mm
3XL 15mm
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