Jafrum Ten Pocket Blue Denim Motorcycle Vest

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Jafrum Ten Pocket Blue Denim Vest. 

Introducing Jafrum Ten Pocket Blue Denim Motorcycle Vest - a stylish and functional 100% cotton vest. This vest will keep you warm whether you're going on a casual day out or a rugged outdoor adventure.
The button-front closure ensures a secure fit, while the side laces adjust to your specific body shape. No more ill-fitting or uncomfortable vests; this one will feel like a second skin.

We understand how important pockets are when you're on the go. As a result, we've included two zippered pockets at the waist and two pockets inside the vest. The zippered pockets are ideal for securely storing valuable items, while the inner pockets provide a safe and convenient location for your phone, wallet, and other necessities.
This vest also has two Concealed carry pockets and four small accessory pockets. The Concealed carry pockets are intended to keep your firearm safe and secure, while the accessory pockets can hold keys, pens, and other small items.

Ten Pocket Blue Denim Vest Features

  • 100% cotton
  • Button-front closure
  • Side laces provide an adjustable fit
  • 2 zippered pocket on waist level and 2 inside the vest
  • 2 gun pocket and 4 small accessory pocket


Ten Pocket Blue Denim Vest Sizing


Please measure the circumference of your chest with a cloth tape measure in inches and add 1 if the measurement is an odd number to get the next even number. Choose that size from the chart below.

Size Chest
XS 40
S 42
M 44
L 46
XL 48
2XL 50
3XL 52
4XL 54
5XL 56
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