• Leather Motorcycle Pants

    Leather pants are the timeless and a durable choice for your riding adventures, ensuring your safety while you cruise the open road. 

    Our men's leather pants collection offers a wide range of styles, colors, and sizes, all from trusted brands like Vance Leather, Cortech, Joy Rocket, and Alpinestars. These leather motorcycle pants for men, including popular options like the Alpinestars A-10, provide protection and make a bold fashion statement whether you're riding or just hanging out. 

    At Team Motorcycle, you'll find a variety of leather motorcycle pants at budget-friendly prices.

    Why Choose Leather Biker Pants

    Leather biker pants are popular among motorcycle enthusiasts for their exceptional protection and durability. They offer excellent abrasion resistance in case of accidents, reducing the risk of injuries. Leather is also naturally water-resistant, making it suitable for various weather conditions, and it provides a timeless, edgy style that many riders find appealing.

    Furthermore, leather pants can be comfortable once broken in and offer convenient storage pockets. However, there may be better choices for some, given their relatively higher cost and the availability of alternative materials with similar protective qualities. Choosing motorcycle pants should consider your riding style, fashion preferences, and safety priorities. If protection, style, and long-term durability are key factors for you, then leather biker pants could be a suitable choice.

    Features of Leather Motorcycle Pants

    Motorcycle pants usually come with these features to cater to various riding needs:

    1. They are tough to withstand wear and tear, protecting you from road abrasion.
    2. You can often add protective padding to safeguard your knees and hips in case of accidents.
    3. They have double or even triple stitching for extra strength and durability.
    4. Some pants have perforated panels or zippers to keep you cool by allowing air circulation.
    5. Unique panels in the crotch and knees ensure you can move comfortably while riding.
    6. Removable liners make them suitable for different weather conditions.
    7. They might have indicators to show that they meet safety standards.

    Look no further than our top-notch quality and incredible discounts on leather biker pants.

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