Mesh Motorcycle Vests

A mesh vest will give you visibility and some protection when it is too hot to wear anything else. Our mesh motorcycle vests are available for both men and women and come in a variety of styles, colors and sizes. You can find mesh vests at Team Motorcycle at an affordable price.

The more visible you are as a motorcycle rider, the safer you will be. That is the basic idea behind wearing a mesh motorcycle vest, especially one that has been crafted from high visibility and reflective materials.

Unfortunately, motorcycle riders are surrounded, today, by automobile drivers who are not paying full time and attention to the road and to other vehicles. That is why wearing a vest designed with reflective patches and in bright colors is so important especially if you will be riding at night or in stormy conditions. The last thing you should be wearing in low visibility situations is, say, all black or dark-colored clothing. A pop of color or a reflection off of your mesh vest could be all that it takes for a driver to notice you and to avoid running into you.

In addition, these vests are highly recommended on military bases as part of a rider's personal protective equipment (PPE). The military branches want to make sure that you are visible to other vehicles on their bases, so they have long encouraged riders to wear clothing with reflective gear or fluorescent colors. The Air Force, in fact, states that, Riders should select PPE that incorporates fluorescent colors and retro-reflective material. A lightweight mesh vest can help you meet that requirement.

Many of Team Motorcycle's mesh biker vests also boast an I.D. pocket on their front so that your identification can be easily seen by authorities. And we also carry vests that have been designed specifically to fit women riders, as well.

We invite you to check out our large selection of mesh biker vests that include styles from well-known manufacturers, such as Icon, Vega and Joe Rocket. We are sure that you will find the perfect vest for your needs at an affordable price here at Team Motorcycle.

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