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    Many of our customers are choosing modular helmets, and there are good reasons why. These motorcycle modular helmets offer a combination of the best features from full-face and open-face helmets. Some modular helmets come with bolt-on or clip-on chin bars that are fully removable. While these helmets prioritize protecting your head from wind and debris, they may be less vital in crash safety than helmets with pivoting chin bars. Shifting chin-bar modular helmets have an EPS liner in the chin bar, adding rigidity and enhancing safety.

    At Team Motorcycle, we offer a wide selection of modular helmets from some of the best brands in the industry, including AGV, Bell, GMax, and Shoei. Our prices are competitive, and all our modular helmets are DOT-approved, with many also meeting Snell or ECE safety standards. You can find a modular helmet that suits your budget, style, and color preferences at Team Motorcycle.

    Why Choose Modular Biker Helmets

    The primary reason riders love motorcycle modular helmets is convenience. These versatile helmets allow you to switch from a full-face setup to an open-face style without removing the helmet. You can eat, drink, smoke, or vape without removing your helmet. Additionally, conversing with a passenger or others at a stoplight or gas pump is much easier with a modular helmet—all you need to do is move the chin bar.

    Features of Modular Motorcycle Helmets

    Here are the key features of these motorcycle modular helmets:

    1. These have a hinged chin bar that allows riders to switch between a full-face and open-face helmet style easily.
    2. They feature a comfortable inner liner that wicks away moisture and can be removed and washed for hygiene.
    3. A sturdy locking mechanism secures the chin bar to ensure safety and stability when in a closed position.
    4. Modular helmets often have adjustable vents and airflow channels to regulate temperature and prevent fogging.
    5. A secure chin strap with a quick-release mechanism keeps the helmet in place.

    Modular helmets provide the flexibility to enjoy the benefits of both full-face and open-face helmets, making them a popular choice for riders who value convenience and adaptability.

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