Modular Helmets

Modular helmets are very popular with many of our customers. So why, you might be wondering, are so many riders purchasing modular helmets? It’s simple – a modular lid combines the best attributes of full faced and open faced helmets. A modular helmet, for example, gives you the protection of a full face lid, but then by simply raising the chin bar, it also gives you the freedom of an open face. When choosing between modular helmets, consider the following first. Modular brain buckets with bolt on or clip on chin-bars (fully removable) may not put as much emphasis on crash safety as they do on protecting your head from wind and debris. These modular lids typically have weaker chin-bars than their pivoting counterparts. On the other hand, most modular lids with pivoting chin-bars boast an EPS liner built into the chin-bar making that portion of the helmet a little more rigid. This, in turn, will help with your overall safety and protection. Also, helmet manufacturers tend to take protection into consideration when they design these pivoting chin-bar modular lids, which makes them a better choice if safety is your main concern. So why do riders love modular helmets? It’s all about convenience. These versatile hybrid lids allow you to escape from the confinement of a full face helmet without having to take it off. You can eat, take a drink, smoke or even vape without removing your brain bucket. Also, it’s so much easier talking with a passenger or others while at a stoplight or at the gas pump when you have a modular helmet on. All you have to do is move the chin-bar and suddenly holding a conversation is a whole lot easier than it would be if you were wearing a full-face lid Modular Motorcycle Helmets at Team Motorcycle Modular helmets are great for those who like having options. They don't like the idea of always having a full face helmet or always having an open face helmet. A modular helmet gives you the flexibility of both while also giving you more protection when you need it. We carry some of the very best brands of modular motorcycle helmets available including AGV, Bell, GMax, and Shoei at prices lower than our competition. All of our modular helmets are DOT approved if not Snell or ECE approved as well. At Team Motorcycle you can find the best modular helmet that fits your budget in styles and colors you will love.