Saddlemen Cruisn Deluxe Saddlebag Set


Saddlemen Cruisn Deluxe Saddlebag Set.   Saddlemen Cruis’n Deluxe Saddlebags Set boast a lot of features that make these bags extra special. For instance, the zippered openings of these bags are covered by wea…

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Saddlemen Cruisn Deluxe Saddlebag Set.


Saddlemen Cruis’n Deluxe Saddlebags Set boast a lot of features that make these bags extra special. For instance, the zippered openings of these bags are covered by weather flaps to keep your valuables dry. They also boast roomy zippered side pockets for extra storage. Though they look a lot like leather, these handsome bags are actually crafted from SaddleHyde, which is a synthetic leather. This durable synthetic is easy to clean and to maintain. And these bags also have strong internal reinforcement so they will hold their shape even when empty. These bags also have a clever lid that pivot forwards so you can easily access your belongings and, if you deem necessary, you can secure them shut with a padlock. These bags are a throwover style that will fit most bikes.


Dimensions: 20 1/4" x 12 3/4" x 9"


Saddlemen Cruisn Deluxe Saddlebag Set Features


  • Distinctively styled saddlebags look great on any style motorcycle with a layered lid and spacious zippered side pouches that flow together to create truly handsome luggage.
  • Rugged SaddleHyde construction bags with strong internal reinforcement to hold their shape with lids that pivot forward when opening to provide excellent cargo access.
  • Contents stay clean and dry with zippered openings covered by weather flaps fitted with 1/4-turn hasps that accept mini padlocks for security.
  • Detachable and fully adjustable yoke system allows easy installation and combines perfectly with Saddlemen’s saddlebag supports.
  • You can add a Saddlemen quick-release kit with supports to change from a throw-over saddlebag set to a rigidly mounted set that can be removed from your bike in seconds.
  • Includes installation instructions plus all yoke attachment and adjustment hardware.
  • Throw-over style fits most motorcycles.

Your Saddlemen Crusin’ Deluxe saddlebags mount over the back seat or rear fender of most motorcycles, with one saddlebag 1 on each side of the motorcycle. The saddlebags can be placed on the motorcycle in a “throw-over” fashion with the supplied, adjustable yoke set 2 so the bags can rest on the fender or seat.

 You should install supports that will prevent the bags from interfering with the rear wheel or other chassis components. These saddlebags can also be mounted directly to Saddlemen saddlebag supports in a permanent fashion, eliminating the need for the yoke set. IMPORTANT: For your safety, and the protection of your motorcycle and saddlebags, it is essential that you install saddlebag supports 3 even if you do not permanently attach the saddlebags to the supports. Both saddlebags must be securely placed on the vehicle with supports in a way that prevents the bags from interfering with any part of the motorcycle's operation, including turn signals, tail or brake lights, the exhaust system, or the suspension, or drive train. Carefully read and follow the installation recommendations provided with the saddlebag supports you chose to install on your motorcycle. Like other accessories, you are responsible for the proper and safe installation of the supports and saddlebags on your motorcycle. You (or your professional motorcycle technician) will need to determine the best mounting configuration for your motorcycle. 


 Even if you are placing the saddlebags on your motorcycle with the supplied yoke set, it is essential that you install the saddlebag supports 4 to protect your motorcycle and bags from potential damage. With this “throw-over” mounting configuration, you place the yoke set under or on top of the seat, so you can easily take your bags with you when you park your motorcycle. Since the saddlebags attach to the yoke set with zippers so you can also take one or both bags with you, while leaving the yoke set on the motorcycle. The yoke set has two sides 5 that are laced together to set the height and the front-toback position of the saddlebags on your motorcycle. The yokes can also be laced together to create an angular saddlebag configuration, which can be useful if your motorcycle's chassis is tapered. IMPORTANT: As you begin to determine the mounting potion of your saddlebags, be aware that the bags must be at least two inches clear of any exhaust pipe, while the motorcycle is stationary and moving. For saddlebag height adjustment, separate the two yoke halves and reposition them where you want them to be on the motorcycle (under the seat, above the seat, etc.). Adjust the yokes shorter 6 for a higher saddlebag position, and longer 7 for a lower saddlebag position. For front-to-back saddlebag position adjustment, set the curved section of the yokes 8 towards the front of the motorcycle to move the bags to a forward position. To set the position toward the rear, rotate the yoke set so the curved section 9 is towards the rear of the motorcycle. The halves of the yoke set can be attached at an angle 10 to accommodate a motorcycle chassis shape that may be tapered. REMEMBER: The yoke set permits you to adjust the saddlebag’s location to clear turn signals, shock absorbers, grab rails and other items on the motorcycle's chassis. When you have the yoke set it the desired position, lace the sides together with the supplied cord and knot the ends securely 11. Zip the saddlebags onto the yoke set 12 and make sure the bags are in the desired position. Make sure the yoke set or the saddlebags are not touching any components such as the exhaust, the wheel, the shock absorbers or any moving or nonmoving part of the motorcycle which could cause damage or interfere with the vehicle's safe operation. IMPORTANT: To avoid afore mentioned interference, you must install saddlebag supports to your motorcycle as recommended in this instruction sheet. When you've placed the saddlebags on your motorcycle in the proper position, secure the bags to the yoke set by routing the supplied padlocks' shackles through the zipper fobs and the D-rings on the yoke set 13. Use the cords attached to the corners of the saddlebags to tie the bags to the saddlebag supports to further secure the bags to the chassis.

Saddlemen Cruisn Deluxe Saddlebag Set

#Sleek, Stylish & Versatile
#Sleek, Stylish & Versatile

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