Saddlemen Desperado Saddlebags (NIOP)

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  • Saddlemen Desperado Saddlebags (NIOP)
  • Saddlemen Desperado Saddlebags (NIOP)
  • Saddlemen Desperado Saddlebags (NIOP)
  • Saddlemen Desperado Saddlebags (NIOP)
  • Saddlemen Desperado Saddlebags (NIOP)
  • Saddlemen Desperado Saddlebags (NIOP)
  • Saddlemen Desperado Saddlebags (NIOP)
  • Saddlemen Desperado Saddlebags (NIOP)
  • Saddlemen Desperado Saddlebags (NIOP)
  • Saddlemen Desperado Saddlebags (NIOP)
  • Saddlemen Desperado Saddlebags (NIOP)
  • Saddlemen Desperado Saddlebags (NIOP)
  • Saddlemen Desperado Saddlebags (NIOP)
  • Saddlemen Desperado Saddlebags (NIOP)

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Saddlemen Desperado Saddlebags.


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The Saddlemen Desperado Saddlebags are perfect for riders who appreciate the look of classic, old-school bags. These studded bags come in three sizes. The medium is 11”L x 9.5”H x 5.25”D. The large measures a roomy 15”L x 10.5”H x 5.75”D, while the jumbo measures 18”L x 11.5”H x 6.25D These black Desperado bags are constructed from genuine leather combined with marine grade vinyl and are built upon a tough plastic frame. Two leather straps and big, shiny chrome buckles cover hidden quick-release buckles that are also lockable. These nostalgic-look bags boast handles and can be quickly released from their throw-over mounting when you need to carry them with you. We recommend that you use saddlebag support brackets with these bags.


Jumbo : 18" L x 11 1/2" H x 6 1/4" D
Large : 15" L x 10 1/2" H x 5 3/4" D
Medium : 11" L x 9 1/2" H x 5 1/4" D


Saddlemen Desperado Saddlebags Features


  • Desperado™ Saddlebags from Saddleman.
  • New nostalgic-look saddlebags available in three sizes.
  • Made of a durable combination of materials including genuine leather, marine grade vinyl, chrome-plated brass and tough plastic frame.
  • All feature bright chrome studs, chrome buckles and genuine leather straps with lockable, quick-release hidden buckles.
  • Available in Throw-Over mounting which quickly releases saddlebags from bike; carry handle included.
  • Saddlebag support brackets recommended .


Saddlemen Desperado Saddlebags Sizing:


Saddlemen Desperado Saddlebags Installation Instructions


1. Saddlemen Express saddlebags mount over the back seat or rear fender of most motorcycles, with one saddlebag on each side of the motorcycle and the mounting yoke resting on the fender or seat. Both saddlebags must be securely mounted and tied down in a manner that does not interfere with any part of the motorcycle’s operation, including turn signals, tail or brake lights, or the suspension or drive train.
2. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that your bike is equipped with saddlebag supports (Saddlemen’s S4 supports, Fig. A, available at your dealer, or comparable supports). If saddlebag supports are not available for your bike, use Saddlemen Saddlebag Tie Down Kit, or comparable, to connect the two loops located at the ends of each saddlebag bottom to your bike’s frame.
3. Your saddlebags must be at least two inches clear of any exhaust pipe, while stationary and moving. For height adjustment of the bags, separate the two yoke halves and reposition them. Adjust the yoke shorter for higher saddlebags, and vice versa. See Fig. B. When you have the yoke in the correct position, tighten the nylon safety strap using the adjustable D-rings (Fig. C) on the top of the yoke.
4. Saddlebags are adjustable towards the front/rear of the bike for clearing turn signals and shock absorbers. See Figs. D and E for options.
-Turn yoke around 180 degrees;
-Position twist locks towards the front or rear of bags (use the included plug to fill the fourth, unused hole)
-Place two yoke halves together at an angle to adjust bag position
NOTE: If you feel the yoke length is excessive on your bike, you can cut each yoke end as long as you allow enough hook-and-loop to secure them.
5. When you’ve placed the bag on your bike in the proper position, use the strap located on the bottom of each bag (Fig. F) to connect the bag to the saddlebag support. These lower straps are length-adjustable; wrap them around the support, buckle the ends together, then adjust the length so that straps are tight and they are supporting some of the saddlebags’ weight. (Fig.G)
6. QUICK RELEASE FEATURE The backside of each saddlebag has four mounting holes, and each side of the mounting yoke has three twist locks. Align the twist locks in a vertical position, and insert them into the back of the saddlebag. Then, turn the twist locks into the horizontal locked position before riding (Fig. E). The mounting strap located on the bottom of each bag has two quick-release buckles; one of them allows you to leave the strap on the bike and still take the bag with you. Make sure both are secured before riding.
NOTE: Saddlebags must not move around; if they do, you must tie them securely to your saddlebag supports using a Tie Down Kit (recommended), or cable ties, connected to the two attachment points at the bottom corners of each saddlebag.
NOTE: DO NOT connect any straps to flexible or moving parts (rubber mounted turn signals, swing arm, shocks)
NOTE: You must tuck away, tie, or cut/shorten all loose mounting straps BEFORE you ride the motorcycle. See warning information above.
NOTE: Check saddlebag mounting and strap tightness each time you stop
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