Safety Vests

  • Icon-Field-Armor3-Vest-main Icon-Field-Armor3-Vest-back


    Icon Field Armor 3 Vest

    Icon Field Armor 3 Vest   Features Vented bio-foam and air mesh chassis paired to an articulating injection-molded shell with airflow channels, keeping you cool and comfortable D3O® Viper chest and back impact protectors provide...

  • Thor-Sentinel-LTD-Race-Roost-Guard-Black-Main Thor-Sentinel-LTD-Race-Roost-Guard-Black-Rear-View

    Thor Sentinel LTD Race Roost Guard

    Thor Sentinel LTD Race Roost Guard.   Features Lightweight low-profile front and back panel design Press-Fit molded and ventilated comfort liner system Abundantly placed ventilation ports for maximum cooling Adjustable elastic closure with...

    $119.95 - $129.95
  • Icon Military Spec 2 Vest - Hi-Viz Orange Icon Military Spec 2 Vest

    Icon Military Spec 2 Vest

    Icon Military Spec 2 Vest   It’s never a bad idea to stack the deck in your favor, and the MIL-SPEC 2™ Vest stacks it with two different hi-visibility options. Form-fitting and breathable, the 4-way stretch Poly chassis allows the veā€¦

  • Rider Safety Vest

    Our Rider Safety Vests express our dedication to rider safety and are a testament to our commitment to keeping riders visible and secure on the road. Our safety vests enhance visibility during day and night rides, ensuring that other road users easily spot motorcyclists. The vests are planned with rider comfort in mind, featuring breathable fabrics and adjustable closures for a snug yet flexible fit. Team Motorcycle's Rider Safety Vests are essential to any rider's gear, providing an extra layer of protection that promotes road safety without compromising style.

    Our motorcycle safety vest goes beyond visibility with practical features such as pockets for essentials and easy-to-access storage. Shield your riding experience with the peace of mind from being visible and protected on the road. Trust Team Motorcycle to be your partner in safety, where our Rider Safety Vests prioritize your well-being, ensuring you ride confidently on every adventure.

    Why Choose Rider Safety Vest

    Safety is essential for any rider, and opting for a riding safety vest is a proactive step toward visibility on the road. These biker vests are often made with high-visibility materials and feature reflective elements, enhancing a rider's presence, especially during low-light conditions. Rider safety vests are about being seen and promoting a culture of awareness among fellow road users. Choosing a rider safety vest demonstrates a commitment to personal safety and encourages a safer riding environment for everyone on the road.

    Features of Rider Safety Vest

    Here are the key features of safety vest with pockets:

    1. High visibility materials.
    2. Reflective strips or piping.
    3. Mesh panels for breathability.
    4. Adjustable fit.
    5. Compliance with safety standards.

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