Sena SF1 Bluetooth Headset

  • Sena SF1 Bluetooth Headset
  • Sena SF1 Bluetooth Headset
  • Sena SF1 Bluetooth Headset
  • Sena SF1 Bluetooth Headset
  • Sena SF1 Bluetooth Headset
  • Sena SF1 Bluetooth Headset

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Meeting the communication needs of every rider.
The SF Series was designed to give riders the exact features they need for their ideal riding scenario. The SF1 allows for 1Bluetooth connection to a smartphone, MP3 player, or GPS while both the SF2 and SF4 offer Intercom functionality. All SF models include brand new capabilities such as Audio Overlay™, quick charging, and microphone mute option features. The SF Series boasts a sleek and low profile design that will fit on almost any helmet.


Bluetooth Connectivity for Those Who Ride Solo
Whether you’re commuting to work or primarily ride solo, the SF1 has you covered. The SF1 was created to give solo riders all of the awesome Bluetooth features that they need, without the ones they don’t. The SF1 pairs to your phone allowing for music streaming, taking and making phone calls, and hearing turn-by-turn GPS directions. The SF1 also allows VOX Phone commands.

SF2, SF4 & SFR

Rider to Passenger or Small Group Communication
For riders looking to communicate with their passenger, the SF2 provides simple Rider to Passenger 2-way intercom communication up to 800 m (880 yards) in open terrain. For those who ride in small groups, the SF4 is equipped with 4-way intercom over 1.2 kilometers (0.8 miles). Both models let riders enjoy smartphone connectivity. Riders can listen to music and use the intercom simultaneously using the Audio Overlay™ feature. Please note that Audio Overlay works best with Android devices, while iOS offers limited functionality.


  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Up to 4-way Intercom that extends up to 1.2km (.8 mile) (SF2 and SF4 Models ONLY)
  • FM Radio, radio sharing, audio overlay (SF2 and SF4 Models ONLY)
  • Voice prompt
  • Sena App for Smartphone
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