AGV K3 Rossi Mugello 2018 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

  • AGV-K3-Rossi-Mugello-2018-Full-Face-Motorcycle-Helmet-main
  • AGV-K3-Rossi-Mugello-2018-Full-Face-Motorcycle-Helmet-side-view
  • AGV-K3-Rossi-Mugello-2018-Full-Face-Motorcycle-Helmet-top-view
  • AGV-K3-Rossi-Mugello-2018-Full-Face-Motorcycle-Helmet-size-chart
  • AGV-K3-Rossi-Mugello-2018-Full-Face-Motorcycle-Helmet-main
  • AGV-K3-Rossi-Mugello-2018-Full-Face-Motorcycle-Helmet-side-view
  • AGV-K3-Rossi-Mugello-2018-Full-Face-Motorcycle-Helmet-top-view
  • AGV-K3-Rossi-Mugello-2018-Full-Face-Motorcycle-Helmet-size-chart

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AGV K3 Rossi Mugello 2018 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

An AGV icon, evolving towards perfection. K3 is AGV’s full-face road helmet that takes all the characteristics of a versatile, safe helmet to outstanding levels.

It offers safety for all, at the highest levels – the shell made of high-resistance thermoplastic material, the multi-density EPS and the details such as the collarbone-protection profile and the protective visor allow K3 to obtain the strict ECE22.06 homologation. Due to the AGV Extreme Safety construction protocol, K3 meets the requirements of the most recent international standards and then some.

Its strength lies in its versatility. K3 is designed to put in its best performance in all situations. The built-in sun visor, which can be operated conveniently with gloves on, assists when it’s too bright, and doesn’t block the front ventilation when it’s in the rest position. The Pinlock Max Vision antifog system guarantees maximum visibility even on the wettest and coldest days, when the temperature difference between the environment and the inside of the helmet could cause the visor to fog up dangerously. Not with K3. The Ultravision visor also guarantees a 190° horizontal field of vision, so you can see obstacles, the road and everything in front of you earlier and better. K3 is prepared for the installation of communication systems. The Eyewear Ready interior design allows you to comfortably wear your eyeglasses or sunglasses while riding.

Comfort boosts performance. The aerodynamic profile of the K3 is designed to achieve a dynamic weight of zero at a cruising speed of 130 km/h. It means lower weight and less strain on the neck muscles, for maximum concentration on riding. The interiors, made of 2DRY material with rapid absorption of sweat and moisture, can be customized, to personalize the fit to the full and maximize how comfortable it feels. The ventilation achieves maximum efficiency through the air vents at the front and on the chin, precise and easy to operate with gloves on.

The practical micrometric steel closing system permits quick, safe adjustment of the helmet fastening.


  • Includes Pinlock lens and wind protector


  • High resistance thermoplastic
  • Collarbone safe profile


  • Adjustable air vents
  • 1 rear extractor and 4 front vents


  • Optimized for all riding positions
  • Shell shape designed to maximize aerodynamic performance and to have 0 dynamic weight at 80 mph (130 km/h)


  • 2Dry: instant sweat absorption
  • Embracing neck roll profile
  • Ready for generic communication system
  • No stitches in sensitive areas
  • Fit especially designed to allow wearing glasses
  • Removable and washable interiors


  • 100% Max Vision Pinlock included
  • 190 horizontal field of view
  • Anti-scratch
  • Micro-opening system
  • Integrated anti-scratch sun visor, removable without using tools
  • Multistep visor mechanism
  • Extra Quick Release System (XQRS)
  • UV protective
  • Additional visor strap for city position

Retention System

  • Steel micrometric


AGV K3 Rossi Mugello 2018 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet description - size chart

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