Jafrum Classic Biker Leather Motorcycle Jacket

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  • Jafrum-Classic-Biker-Leather-Jacket-main
  • Jafrum-Classic-Biker-Leather-Jacket-side-view
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  • Jafrum-Classic-Biker-Leather-Jacket-main
  • Jafrum-Classic-Biker-Leather-Jacket-side-view
  • Jafrum-Classic-Biker-Leather-Jacket-back-view

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Motorcycle Jackets - Jafrum Classic Biker Leather Jacket.


The MJ400 is quality Classic Leather jacket that has lace up side adjustments, zip out inner liner, adjustable belt, 6 pockets, durable heavy duty zippers, with an awesome fit for an absolute bargain price. The lace up adjustable sides and adjustable belt give the leather jacket the classic look riders have come to love over the years and it also increases the fit and comfort of the jacket.
Based on the reviews of the MJ400 Mens Classic Leather Jacket, you can’t go wrong!! Superior quality with closeout pricing!


Mens Classic Leather Motorcycle Jacket with Heavy Duty Leather, Side Laces, Zip-out lining etc.

Classic Biker Leather Jacket Features


  • Pockets : 4 outside and 2 inside
  • Belt : Adjustable
  • Liner : Zip-out with insulation material


Classic Biker Leather Jacket Sizing


*Note this product has changed. Some jackets will have a vertical seam up the back in the center of the jacket.

Please use a cloth tape measure to measure the circumference of your chest. If the measurement is an even number add 2 to get the next even number. If the number you get is an odd number add 1 to get the next even number. The general rule is order the next even number. If the measurement is 46 order 48. If the measurement you get is 47, order size 48.

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