• Kali-Central-Lit-Solid-Half-Face-Bicycle-Helmet-Matte-Black-Main Kali-Central-Lit-Solid-Half-Face-Bicycle-Helmet-pic


    Kali Central Lit Solid Half Face Bicycle Helmet

    Stay cool, covered and highly visible with this stylish urban helmet. The Central Lit uses Composite Fusion™ and comes with plentiful venting, integrated visor, and micro USB rechargeable flashing rear light. Micro USB sold separately. Features…

  • Kali-Traffic-2-0-Solid-Half-Face-Bicycle-Helmet-Matte-Black-Main Kali-Traffic-2-0-Solid-Half-Face-Bicycle-Helmet-Matte-Black-Back-View


    Kali Traffic 2.0 Solid Half Face Bicycle Helmet

    The Traffic 2.0 is specifically designed to keep you safe and sound on any and all of your E-Bike adventures.Regardless of where you find yourself pedaling, whether it’s work, the park, the grocery store or just taking the opportunity to get a.…

  • Kali-Open-Face-Invader-Bicycle-Helmet-Main Kali-Open-Face-Invader-Bicycle-Helmet-pic


    Kali Open Face Invader Bicycle Helmet

    The OF Invader is built using Composite Fusion, a process that fuses the helmet shell and foam enabling us to use a thinner shell, creating a lighter stronger helmet and includes a RHEON Low Density Layer for protection from non-linear and rotational…

  • Kali-Invader-2.0-Camo-Full-Face-Bicycle-Helmet-Black-Grey-Main Kali-Invader-2.0-Camo-Full-Face-Bicycle-Helmet-Black-Grey-side-view


    Kali Invader 2.0 Camo Full Face Bicycle Helmet

    The ultimate trail helmet to keep your head safe and your teeth in place. Updated with new dial fit.  Features Using Composite Fusion, a process that bonds the helmet shell and foam, enables Kali to have a thinner shell resulting in a lighter,.…

  • Kali-Invader-2.0-Solid-Full-Face-Bicycle-Helmet-Matte-Black-Main Kali-Invader-2.0-Solid-Full-Face-Bicycle-Helmet-Matte-Black-pic


    Kali Invader 2.0 Solid Full Face Bicycle Helmet

    The ultimate trail helmet to keep your head safe and your teeth in place. Updated with new dial fit. We listened to your feed back on the original Invader and feel like we have solved the fit issues for finicky heads. If you tried the first Invader a…

  • Kali-Maya-3-0-Solid-Half-Face-Bicycle-Helmet-Matte-Black-main Kali-Maya-3-0-Solid-Half-Face-Bicycle-Helmet-Matte-Black-pic


    Kali Maya 3.0 Solid Half Face Bicycle Helmet

    MAYA MADNESS The Maya 3.0 has some big shoes to fill. The Maya has been a Kali Krew favorite and one of our best sellers since its inception. The only real complaint was from our friends in hotter climates, as the previous iteration could get a littl…

  • Kali-Uno-Solid-Half-Face-Bicycle-Helmet-Matte-Black-main Kali-Uno-Solid-Half-Face-Bicycle-Helmet-Matte-Black-pic


    Kali Uno Solid Half Face Bicycle Helmet

    THE UNO This one delivers a modern, stylish package to keep you looking good, remaining cool and being safe wherever the “road” might take you.The Uno uses Contego 3 foam to disperse energy in the most efficient way possible during larger…

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