Saddlemen Drifter Slant Saddlebags Throw-over - Jumbo (NIOP)

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  • Saddlemen Drifter Slant Saddlebags Throw-over - Jumbo (NIOP)
  • Saddlemen Drifter Slant Saddlebags Throw-over - Jumbo (NIOP)
  • Saddlemen Drifter Slant Saddlebags Throw-over - Jumbo (NIOP)
  • Saddlemen Drifter Slant Saddlebags Throw-over - Jumbo (NIOP)

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Saddlemen Drifter Slant Saddlebags Throw-over - Jumbo (NIOP).


The Saddlemen Drifter Slant Saddlebags Throw-over are available in three sizes. The large is 15.5”L x 9.5”H x 5”D; the Jumbo is 17.5”L x 10.5”H x 6”D. And then there is the Extra Jumbo size for those times when you’ve got a lot to gear to take with you. That bag measures 22”L x 10.5”H x 7”D. As usual, Saddlemen has added some well-thought-out features to these bags. For example, the height of the lid is adjustable, and these bags have also been designed with a quick release and a rear carrying handle so that you can easily take them with you when necessary. These handsome bags, which are crafted from a durable synthetic leather, are slanted so that they work well with dual shock bikes.


Large : 15-1/2"L x 9-1/2"H x 5"D
Jumbo : 17-1/2"L x 10-1/2"H x 6"D
Extra Jumbo : 22"L x 10-1/2"H x 7"D


Saddlemen Drifter Slant Saddlebag Features


  • Clean-styled saddlebags available in Throw-Over or Custom-Fit mounting
  • Throw-Over style includes a multi-adjustable yoke which hangs the bags from the fender or seat, and also includes a quick-release bag connection to take off bags without disturbing the yoke or seat and a rear-mounted carry handle
  • Custom-Fit style has a strong, smooth backside and no yoke, designed to allow custom mounting to your motorcycle
  • Extra-strong plastic back works perfectly with S4 Quick-Disconnect Mounting System
  • Made of a durable combination of materials including genuine leather, saddlehyde, chrome-plated brass and tough plastic frame
  • All feature chrome-plated buckles and genuine leather straps with lockable, quick-release hidden buckles
  • S4 saddlebag support brackets (sold seperately) are strongly recommended


Saddlemen Drifter Slant Saddlebag Mounting Instructions


Sizing Instructions:

Measure distance horizontally from the edge of the rear turn signal to where the passenger would be aligned on the seat. Next, measure the distance vertically from the exhaust pipe to approximately two inches below the top of the rear fender.

*Please remember to allow at least one inch clearance between the bottom of the saddlebag and the exhaust pipe. This will prevent the saddlebag from being damaged by touching the exhaust pipe.

Mounting Instructions:

Generally, to install throw-over saddlebags to your bike, you would need to remove the passenger seat. You would then ensure that the hook and loop connectors are firmly pressed together and secure bonding the two bags. To ensure additional stability, use the strap at the top of one saddlebag and thread through the double d-ring on the other saddlebag. Place the saddlebags on the top of your bike and adjust to how you want the bags to sit. After this is complete, re-install your passenger seat back on the bike. There are additional straps on the bottom of the saddlebags for added security and stability as well.

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