Saddlemen SaddleGel Tech Memory Foam Seat Pad


Saddlemen SaddleGel Tech Memory Foam Seat Pad. When a rider uses SaddleGel, the forces created by road induced shock and engine vibration that are normally transferred through foam cushioning are absorbed and dampened by…

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Saddlemen SaddleGel Tech Memory Foam Seat Pad.

When a rider uses SaddleGel, the forces created by road induced shock and engine vibration that are normally transferred through foam cushioning are absorbed and dampened by the SaddleGel, instead of being telegraphed to the body. This technology makes three significant comfort enhancing improvements: first, it dampens, or absorbs, engine and road vibrations, a common cause of rider fatigue; second it isolates the rider from all of the hard motorcycle pieces located below; and third, it conforms to the rider’s butt and spreads pressure over a larger area to eliminate hot spots and loss of blood circulation. Eliminating the pounding and minimizing these forces result in lower fatigue, stress and exhaustion.

The Medium Tech Memory Foam Seat Pad has a 3-D molded surface for additional posterior comfort and air channel cooling. The SaddleGel™ element evenly distributes weight to absorb and relieve pressure at the hips and tailbone. The medium is perfect for the buddy seat of most sport bikes, dual sport bikes, and the smaller passenger pillions of cruiser and adventure bikes. he large is well suited to the front or the rider portion of most non-touring Harleys and other cruisers such as the VTX, Shadow, Magna, Vulcan, Intruder, and VStar; the GS, Tenere and Tiger adventure bikes; the ST. FJR, Concours, GT, RT, VFR sport tourers; and many superbikes. The large also fits many of the rear passenger seat of many similar bikes. The extra large fits many larger cruisers and most touring bikes including the HD Baggers, Goldwings, Voyager, Royal Star and Victory; as well as larger adventure bikes.


  • Molded memory foam pads conform to all body shapes and provide air circulation channels for optimal comfort.
  • Advanced Visco-elastic molded gel, widely used in medical and sports applications but reformulated by Saddlemen for motorcycle use, provides superior comfort by equalizing pressure, improving blood circulation and absorbing shock and vibration.
  • Designed for easy mounting on a wide variety of motorcycles. Have more than one bike? Use it on all!
  • Easy on / easy off harness or quick throw over mounting options.
  • Quick disconnect harness provides easy pad removal for security, easy cleaning or temperature adjustment.
  • Durable, black molded cover is unaffected by weather, water or perspiration and provides un-paralleled breathability.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Lifetime SaddleGel™ warranty


Saddlemen's gel pads are available in three different sizes to suit almost any motorcycle seat, simply select the one that best fits on your bike's seat. Motorcycle makes and models are constantly changing therefore Saddlemen has created sizes and shapes to fit to almost any model. Simply measure your motorcycle's seat's width and length and select a pad whose dimensions just fit within the outer edges of your seat so it become a comfortable perch. Pay attention to how your posterior interfaces with the motocycle's seat; make sure your body will rest within the outer dimensional edges of the pad. You may select a pad slightly larger than a narrow seat to ensure you have Saddlegel support under you as you ride. Selecting a pad that is too small could cause an uneven surface under your body and detract from the optimal riding comfort.

Large : 10" L,13 1/2" W Rear,7 1/2" W Front
Medium : 5 1/2" W Front,7 1/2" W Rear,9" L
X-Large : 8" W Front, 12" L x 15" W Rear

Saddlemen SaddleGel Tech Memory Foam Seat Pad Insatallation

Universal SaddleGel Pads are intended to be placed on top of the motorcycle seat and held in place with the straps and hooks provided. In addition, your Gel Pad is made with a high-grip material on the bottom,to prevent slippage while riding.

SaddleGel Pads may be put in a cool place (i.e., refrigerator) to lower their temperature, or in a warm place for warmth while riding in cold temperatures. The dense viseolastic gel will retain the induced heat or cold for a considerable period of time. We cannot recommend putting SaddleGel Pads in a microwave because the pad may become hot enough to cause burns. We also do not recommend leaving your Gel Pad sitting out on your motorcycle seat in hot daylight sun for extended periods of time. The pad can be removed and stored out of the sun or simply covered.

If the seat pan is firm, the SaddleGel Pad’s straps can be attached to the seat pan using the metal hooks provided (Fig. A). With the hook in place, pull on the loose strap end through the slide buckle to tighten the strap. If you find the hooks disengage when you sit on the seat, the seat is probably too soft to use the hooks. If so, remove the hooks from the straps and run the straps under your seat pan and/or frame rails. Connect the straps snugly together under the seat using one slide buckle (Fig. B). The strap and pad have matching hook and loop patches; this is to secure the pad to the strap but allow the easy removal of the pad without readjusting the straps.

Saddlemen SaddleGel Tech Memory Foam Seat Pad

$119.95 - $124.95

Saddlemen SaddleGel Tech Memory Foam Seat Pad

$119.95 - $124.95
#Sleek, Stylish & Versatile
#Sleek, Stylish & Versatile

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