Florida Is The Place To Avoid When Riding A Motorcycle

Florida Is The Place To Avoid When Riding A Motorcycle

Posted by Mike Werner on Jul 9th 2017

According to the AAA and to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in terms of numbers, Florida is the place NOT to ride a motorcycle. That is because it’s where you’ll find the most motorcycle related deaths; more than any other state.

Their numbers don’t even look at population ratios, it’s pure THE biggest numbers. In 2015, 606 bikers died, 30% more than in 2014. Bikes represent only 3% of all vehicles, but unfortunately represent 20% of fatalities.

Miami-Dade County is the worst in Florida with 67 fatalities.

Of course the famous Bike Week in Daytona is one reason the figures spike, but it’s not the only thing. According to the authorities, riding without a helmet is one enormous high factor (40% of bikers killed did not wear a helmet), but I would question that.

Not riding with a helmet might not be smart, but it can never be the reason there was a crash. The crash occurred because of something else, the fatality occurred because of the biker riding without a helmet; cause-and-effect.

Having lived many years in Florida, I expect one of the main reason that there are so many crashes are the senior citizens who can no longer see properly, who ride big tanks and swerve over the road, not seeing the biker who is passing. I went down myself once because of it, and the senior citizens kept on driving, oblivious to what had happened.

So, there you go, now you know where NOT to ride.

Tell me, am I exaggerating, or does it make sense?

Source: Orlando Sentinel