Stylish Mesh Motorcycle Pants To Beat The Heat This Summer

Stylish Mesh Motorcycle Pants To Beat The Heat This Summer

Posted by Team Motorcycle on Jun 25th 2024

In this hot summer weather, don't even think about wearing those thick, heavy pants when riding a motorcycle. But wait! We have the perfect solution: mesh motorcycle pants. This article will explain why these pants are ideal for staying cool and protected. You'll learn about their great airflow, superior ventilation, and how they provide comfort for summer rides.

We'll also give you tips on what to look for when shopping for mesh motorcycle pants, from materials to armor and we'll recommend some of the most stylish mesh motorcycle pants to beat the heat this summer in various styles and price ranges.

So keep reading till the end to learn everything you need to know to stay cool and safe in mesh motorcycle pants this summer!

Keep Cool in Mesh Motorcycle Pants

Mesh motorcycle pants are created to keep you comfortable and cool when riding in hot weather conditions. Their basic feature is the large mesh panels strategically placed on the front and back of the pants. These panels allow maximum airflow to circulate around your legs, helping to regulate your body temperature.

The mesh material itself is carefully engineered to be highly breathable and abrasion-resistant. It provides excellent ventilation while still offering the necessary protection in case of a slide or crash.

Moisture-Wicking Fabrics

Along with the mesh panels, the pants often include moisture-wicking fabrics in their construction. These high-tech materials help draw sweat away from your skin, keeping you drier and more comfortable even during long rides.

The combination of airflow from the mesh and the moisture management of the fabric works as a team and creates a favorable micro-climate around your legs, helping you stay cool, dry, and focused on the road ahead.

Lightweight & Flexible

One of the best things about motorcycle mesh pants is how lightweight and flexible they are compared to traditional riding pants. The mesh material is thin yet durable, allowing for a full range of motion without any bulky restrictions.

This makes them ideal for riders who enjoy freedom of movement, especially in stop-and-go city traffic or tight turns on winding roads. You'll feel free and burdenless, making it easier to shift your body weight and keep control of your bike.

Versatile Protection

Despite their lightweight and airy design, mesh motorcycle pants still offer full protection against road rash and other potential dangers. Many types include reinforced panels or double layers of mesh in high-impact areas like the knees and hips.

Some pants come with removable armor inserts or pockets for adding protective gear like knee pads or hip protectors. This versatility allows you to customize the level of protection based on your personal preferences and riding conditions.

So, if you're going to work or taking up a long-distance adventure, mesh motorcycle riding pants can help you stay cool, comfortable, and protected from the summer heat this year.

With their breathable design, moisture-wicking fabrics, lightweight flexibility, and versatile protection, they're absolutely a must-have piece of riding gear for any warm-weather enthusiast.

Stylish Mesh Motorcycle Pants To Beat The Heat

No need to sacrifice style when Team Motorcycle offers you trendy yet functional summer motorcycle pants for the hot season.

Icon Mesh AF Overpant

The Icon Mesh AF Overpant is designed for comfort and protection on your rides. With an easy fit that goes over your regular pants, it features reflective trims for better visibility. The internal reinforcement made of 300D polyester adds durability, while the full-length inseam zippers make it easy to put on and take off.

The pants are made with a tough textile and Iron Weave™ mesh chassis, so they are both breathable and sturdy.

Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion Mens Mesh Motorcycle Pant

The Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion Men's Mesh Motorcycle Pants are all about combining comfort and safety with the Cooling FreeAir™ mesh shell, you stay cool even on hot rides, and the INNO-LITE® Ultra Reflective knee panels make sure you're seen.

The knee protectors are height adjustable, and the hip protectors can be removed, offering you flexibility. These pants have tough DYNAX™ reinforcements where you need them most, and the inseam leg zippers make them easy to put on.

Two handy external pockets, melt-resistant material on the lower legs, and the Sure Fit™ adjustable waistband give you the perfect fit. FullFlex™ panels on the hips, knees, and tailbone allow for free movement, and the 360˚ reflective visibility along with an 8” zipper for jacket attachment add extra functionality.

Tour Master Intake Air Motorcycle Pants

The Tour Master Intake Air Motorcycle Pants are designed with your safety and comfort in mind. Made from a durable, abrasion-resistant mesh with a sturdy 600 denier Polyester shell and Armor-Link mesh panels, these pants are made to last.

They’ve been rigorously tested for abrasion, impact, and tear resistance and have earned CE certification. Featuring a convenient Fidlock® magnetic front closure with a zippered fly and a Mag-Close magnetic side closure system, these pants are easy to wear.

They come with a removable waterproof and breathable liner that you can slip on or off without removing your boots. For added protection, the pants include Armanox® knee and hip armor, also CE certified.

These pants also offer a comfortable relaxed fit with articulated knees, dual elastic adjustment waist straps for a perfect fit, and ultra-high denier Cordura at the knees and seat for extra toughness. Durable YKK® zippers and 4-way stretch gussets at the crotch, backs of knees, and lower thighs for easy movement are also included.

Alpinestars Stella Andes Air Drystar Motorcycle Pants

The Alpinestars Stella Andes Air Drystar Motorcycle Pants are designed with a road-oriented fit and pre-curved legs for comfort and reduced fatigue. Made with extensive 2D mesh, they offer excellent airflow.

They include a 100% waterproof, breathable, and detachable Drystar® membrane that can be worn over or under the pants. Stretch inserts at the crotch and knee improve fit and comfort, while cargo pockets provide practicality.

For protection, the pants feature Nucleon Flex Plus Level 1 armor on the knees and pockets for optional hip armor. These pants are fully CE-certified to the CE - Category II EN17092-4: 2020 standard, A class.

Tour Master Draft Air Motorcycle Pants

The Tour Master Draft Air Motorcycle Pants are designed for comfort on a hot and humid ride. They feature an abrasion-resistant mesh over-pant with a 600 denier Polyester shell and Armor-Link mesh panels, all tested and CE-certified for abrasion, impact, and tear resistance.

The Armanox® knee armor is also CE-certified and can be adjusted to three different positions for a better fit. The pants have a Fidlock® magnetic front closure system with a zippered fly, and 1000 denier nylon ripstop at the knees and seat for extra durability.

Dual elastic waist straps and a relaxed fit with pre-curved legs ensure comfort while riding. The pants also include durable YKK® zippers and 4-way stretch gussets at the crotch, backs of knees, and lower thighs for ease of movement.

The Benefits of Mesh Motorcycle Pants

Mesh motorcycle pants are designed for warm-weather riding and they provide excellent comfort and ventilation. They offer maximum airflow while still providing protection for the rider, keeping you cool and safe on the road.

Breathable Comfort

During summer, riding a motorcycle can be very hot and uncomfortable. Regular pants can make it even worse. To stay cool and focused on the road, you need to have breathable pants.

Mesh motorcycle pants are designed to keep you feeling fresh, especially on hot and humid days. The mesh panels and shells allow air to flow around your legs, preventing that sticky feeling while you ride.

Moisture Management

Of course, breathability is just part of the equation. All that airflow won't do you much good if you're drenched in your own sweat. Thankfully, quality mesh pants are designed with moisture-wicking technology to actively move perspiration away from your body.

As you ride, the fabric pulls moisture from your skin toward the exterior of the pants where it can evaporate rapidly. This dynamic duo of breathability and wicking keeps you drier and more comfortable over extended periods. No more pit stops to wipe down or change clothes.

Safety and Protection

Don't think that all this cooling power comes at the expense of safety though. Top mesh pants incorporate abrasion-resistant materials into their construction to guard against road rash in case of a spill. Many even have removable armor at the knees and hips for added impact protection.

You get the best of both worlds - amazing ventilation to beat the heat with smart safety features designed for the realities of motorcycle riding.

Style and Versatility

Mesh pants have shed their geeky reputation too as premium brands offer styles with modern designs, contoured fits, and artful color options to complement your bike's look. Some even convert between a mesh pant and a zip-off short for awesome versatility.

With warm weather’s capability to bake you in, you can wear them regularly without sacrificing your cool factor. The mesh panels are usually hidden, and the pants look perfectly normal for wearing around town after your ride. No more to pack separate sets of clothes just to stay comfortable.

The bottom line?

With their unbeatable breathability, sweat-fighting tech, riding-specific protection, and fresh styles, mesh motorcycle pants give you a clear way to defeat summer's worst heat. Your cool comfort is just one purchase away.

What to Look for When Buying Mesh Motorcycle Pants

When riding in hot weather, you know that mesh motorcycle pants are a godsend. But with so many options out there, how do you pick the right pair?

Let's break it down.

Safety First

The number one priority is protection. Look for pants with CE-approved armor in the knee, hip, and other impact zones. This armor should be removable and replaceable. It's also wise to pick pants with reinforced zones made from abrasion-resistant materials like Kevlar or Cordura.

Beat the Heat

Proper ventilation is required to stay cool, so look for pants with large mesh panels covering as much surface area as possible, especially on the thighs and calves where airflow matters most. Perforation and zippered vents also help with maximizing breathability.

Flexible Fit

You'll want pants that move with you in the saddle. Look for adjustable waists, stretch panels, and articulated knees that allow freedom of movement. Adjustable leg openings provide a snug fit around boots so do try them on and move around to confirm they are comfortable.

Lock it Down

Secure closures are important for safe riding, the reason why zippers should be heavy-duty and cover the full length of the legs for easy on/off. Velcro, snap closures, and adjustable straps help dial in the fit. Reflective accents are a bonus for night visibility to enjoy nighttime riding.

Practical Extras

Beyond the basics, look for features suited to your riding needs. Waterproof liners transform mesh pants for cooler temps. Hip and thigh vents maximize airflow. Zippered pockets provide handy storage— it's the little things that make a big difference. Complete your look with a mesh motorcycle jacket or mesh motorcycle vest to go for an adventure you have been waiting for.

Try 'Em On

At the end of the day, fit is everything as everybody is different, so take the time to try on a few options until you find mesh pants that tick all the boxes – protection, ventilation, comfort, and versatility. With the right pair, you'll stay cool and safe on even the hottest of summer days.

So that wraps up some tips for staying cool on the bike with stylish mesh motorcycle pants to beat the heat this summer. Choosing the right gear can make a huge difference in your comfort if you're riding around town or hitting the highway for a long trip.

Mesh pants let the breeze flow through while still providing abrasion protection - it's a win-win. Just remember to apply sunscreen on any exposed skin to avoid sunburn. Ride safely and enjoy the warm weather ahead.

Hope this gave you some ideas for upgrading your riding gear so you can beat the heat!