The 7 Best Adventure Motorcycle Pants for 2024

The 7 Best Adventure Motorcycle Pants for 2024

Posted by Team Motorcycle on Jul 3rd 2024

If you've been enjoying riding your motorcycle on the open roads but are now looking for a new adventure that takes you off-road, through challenging terrains and changing weather conditions, then you'll need the right pants for the journey.

We've got you covered for your next epic ride with the 7 best adventure motorcycle pants for 2024. Engineered for performance, loaded with features, and tested over thousands of miles, these purpose-built pants provide the perfect blend of comfort, weather resistance, abrasion protection, and versatility. From reinforced knees to removable waterproof liners, each pant has its own unique charm that sets it apart from others.

You'll find options for hardcore dual sport and ADV riders as well as casual adventurers. Let's hit the road and explore the top picks to keep you prepared for wherever the path leads in 2024!

What are Adventure Motorcycle Pants?

Adventure pants are built for rugged riding conditions. They have integrated armour and padding in key areas like the knees and hips. This provides crucial impact protection if you take a spill off-road.

Versatile Functionality

These pants are designed to be the ultimate all-in-one solution. Many feature vents, removable liners, and waterproof construction. This allows you to adapt to any weather condition. Zippered pant-to-jacket attachments create a unified suit when needed.

Durable Materials

The fabrics used prioritize abrasion and tear resistance over pure ventilation. Materials like Kevlar, ballistic nylon, and heavy Cordura provide the pants with the ability to shrug off trail debris. Reinforced areas add even more toughness where it counts.

Comfortable Mobility

Adventure pants are tough yet flexible. They have special features like articulated knees, stretch panels, and gusseted crotches to allow easy movement, which is important for steering through challenging terrain.

The combination of protection, versatility, durability and mobility set adventure motorcycle pants apart. They help you to truly go anywhere on two wheels without compromises.

#1 Tour Master Intake Air Motorcycle Pants - Tough and Durable

The Tour Master Intake Air pants feature a heavy-duty 600 denier polyester outer shell. This tough material is designed to resist abrasion from impacts or slides. You'll feel confident tackling any adventure.

Breathable Mesh Lining

While the outer shell protects, the inner mesh lining allows airflow to keep you cool. The breathable design prevents overheating even on hot summer rides. Stay comfortable mile after mile with your trusted partner.

Articulated Knee Construction

Fitted articulated knees allow easy movement both on and off the bike. You won't feel restricted when riding aggressively or hiking to your next adventure point. The four-way stretch gussets further improve flexibility.

CE-Certified Protection

These pants meet CE certification standards for impact, abrasion, and tear resistance. Multiple reinforced zones provide added coverage over exposed areas. You can push your limits with confidence in the Tour Master Intake Airs.

With their rugged build, breathable design, and protective features, the Tour Master Intake Air pants are an adventure-ready option. They'll keep you safe and comfortable no matter where your next ride takes you.

#2 Fly Racing Patrol Over Boot Motorcycle Riding Pants - Lightweight and Breathable

These motorcycle pants from Fly Racing are designed with your comfort in mind for long adventure rides. Large zippered vents on the front and back promote excellent airflow to keep you cool. The lightweight, breathable construction helps to prevent overheating.

Secure Over-Boot Fit

The over-boot design sits perfectly over your riding boots for a secure, comfortable fit that won't ride up. This allows unrestricted movement and prevents chafing or binding.

Proven Track Record

Fly Racing has a proven reputation for functional riding gear that is built to last. The Patrol pants continue this tradition with a solid design made from durable, abrasion-resistant materials. You can trust these pants to hold up to the demands of adventure riding season after season.

With their perfect combination of airflow, secure fit, and hard-wearing construction, the Fly Racing Patrol pants check all the boxes for comfortable, capable adventure riding pants. The quality materials and Fly's long-standing experience make these pants a trusty friend on all your two-wheeled experiences.

#3 Alpinestars Andes Air Drystar Motorcycle Pant - Affordable Protection

When the weather heats up, these Alpinestars pants keep you cool and comfortable. Extensive mesh panels throughout give maximum airflow for ventilation on warm rides.

Waterproof Protection

But they don't sacrifice protection for ventilation. A removable waterproof Drystar membrane keeps you dry when the rain starts pouring.

Affordable Adventure

At their price point, the Andes Air Drystar pants deliver top-notch protection and versatility for a fraction of the cost of what competitors are offering. They blend affordability with quality construction for the adventure rider on a budget.

#4 Tour Master Highlander Waterproof Pant - Waterproof and Spacious

When it comes to adventure riding, being prepared for any weather condition is necessary. The Tour Master Highlander Waterproof Pants have got you covered —- literally.

Stay Dry and Comfy

These pants are made with a waterproof and breathable Hypertex membrane that keeps you dry in heavy downpours. But they don't just stop there. The stretch panels let you move freely, even during those long hours on the road.

Armored for Safety

You can ride with extra peace of mind knowing that the knees are protected by CE-rated level 2 armor, prioritizing your safety when riding through rough terrain or unpredictable conditions.

Pockets Galore

One of the best features is the abundance of pockets - zippered thigh vents, two hand pockets and a rear pocket with a flap. You'll have plenty of storage for all your adventure needs without feeling weighed down.

With their waterproof yet breathable construction, protective armouring, and convenient pockets, the Tour Master Highlander pants are indeed one of the best adventure motorcycle pants recommended.

#5 Tour Master Men's Horizon Line Ridgecrest Pants - Armor Reinforced

For the serious adventure rider, the Tour Master Ridgecrest pants offer uncompromising protection and durability. These bad boys are built from 1000D Honeycomb nylon ripstop fabric, reinforced in all the right places to withstand wear and tear on the trails.

Safety First

But it's not just about looking rugged. The Ridgecrest pants come fitted with CE-approved armour at the knees and hips, giving you that extra layer of security when the going gets rough. No more worrying about scrapes and bruises slowing you down.

Versatile Functionality

What really sets these pants apart is their versatility. Multiple pockets for stashing all your gear, full-length zippers for easy on/off, and an all-weather design that can take on any climate. Ridgecrest pants are suitable for cruising through the desert or tackling muddy mountain passes.

Part of the Horizon Line

As part of Tour Master's Horizon Line, these pants are purpose-built for the adventure touring rider. They blend smoothly with the matching jacket, creating a full look that screams "adventure" from every angle. Gear up and welcome the adventure, my friend.

#6 Tour Master Mariner Laminated Motorcycle Pants

You want pants that can take a beating on the trail. The Tour Master Mariner pants have a tough 450D Cordura waterproof laminate nylon shell. This heavy-duty fabric is built to withstand abrasion from rocks, brush and any other obstacles that come your way.

Waterproof Protection

The Mariner pants use electronically seam-sealed construction to keep you dry in wet conditions. Whether you get caught in a downpour or have to ride through streams, these pants will shed water like a champ.

Ventilated Comfort

Large vertical zippered vents on the front and back allow airflow to keep you cool. Just open them up to get a refreshing breeze on hot days. The vents make these pants comfortable in any climate.

With rugged waterproof fabric, sealed seams, and zippered vents, the Tour Master Mariner pants are just what you need. They'll keep you protected yet comfortable no matter what your adventure throws at you.

#7 Fasthouse Men's Elrod Pants

When you need adventure pants that can keep up with your adrenaline-fueled rides, the Fasthouse Men's Elrod Pants have got your back.

Built For Performance

Made with racers in mind, these pants offer both superior ventilation and rugged durability. The 4-way stretch Cordura fabric allows unrestricted movement as you lean into corners.

Reinforced Protection

But don't let the stretchy material fool you - these pants are designed to withstand the toughest geography. Strategic 450D reinforced panels and a 600D saddle area provide extra protection against bruises.

Functional Details

The Elrod pants also come packed with functional details adventure riders need. Multiple venting zippers allow cooling airflow, while the double and triple-stitched seams guarantee they'll hold up ride after ride. The DuPont Teflon treatment sheds water to keep you dry when the weather turns.

With their performance-focused design and protective reinforcements, the Fasthouse Elrod pants are a top contender for your 2024 adventure motorcycle kit.

What to Look for in Best Adventure Motorcycle Pants

When picking the best adventure motorcycle pants, it's important to find durable, weather-resistant, and protective ones. Look for reinforced materials, waterproofing, and built-in armour for comfort and safety during your rides.

Protection First

When choosing adventure motorcycle pants, prioritize protection above all else. Look for high-quality leather or advanced textiles that can withstand high-speed slides, impacts and most importantly weather changes. Kevlar linings prove to provide excellent abrasion resistance.

Armor Up

The best adventure motorcycle pants come equipped with removable knee and hip armour. A snug but not restrictive fit can keep the armour properly positioned during rides. Some premium options also offer additional protection like padded hips.

Comfort Matters

Safety comes first, but you'll also want pants that allow freedom of movement and breathability for long days. Stretchy materials, vented panels, and adjustable waists make for a more comfortable ride.

Budget-Friendly Options

You don't have to break the bank for quality riding pants these days. Many affordable options use reinforced polyester construction and removable armour to deliver great value. Just be sure they meet your safety standards.

Balancing safety, performance, comfort and budget will lead you to the ideal adventure pants. Take the time to try different options to find the perfect fit for you.

How to Choose the Right Fit for Adventure Motorcycle Pants

Choosing the right fit for adventure motorcycle pants is important for both comfort and safety on long rides

Get the Waist & Hip Fit Right

First things first - the waist and hip fit are important for comfort and mobility on the bike. Go for pants that fit snugly to your body without being overly tight or restrictive. A little room is okay, but avoid excess fabric that could bunch up and may cause problems.


With all that riding, you'll want pants that allow plenty of airflow. Look for ventilated panels, mesh inserts or zip vents to promote cooling air circulation.

This will keep you comfortable even on hot and humid summer rides.

Pockets for Convenience

Don't underestimate the value of well-placed pockets on your adventure pants. Cargo pockets on the thighs offer quick access storage for small items like your phone or snacks. A couple of rear pockets can hold tools or maps securely.

Length Matters

For the right fit on the bike, your pants should be a bit longer when standing. This prevents them from riding up too high when seated in the saddle. The ideal inseam gives you full coverage without excess fabric bunching around your knees.

When it comes down to it, having the right pair of adventure motorcycle pants can truly make or break your riding experience.

The lineup of seven top picks for 2024 that we've covered isn't just about style – it's about keeping you safe, cozy, and prepared for whatever comes your way out on the road. With tough materials like Kevlar and Cordura, along with smart features such as removable liners and reinforced knees, these pants cater to the needs of both serious off-road enthusiasts and laid-back riders looking for some fun.

By investing in quality adventure gear, you're not just buying pants – you're investing in peace of mind, knowing that you will be well-protected and at ease during your travels.

So, suit up, start your engine, and set off on your next thrilling journey with the best adventure motorcycle pants for 2024.