​What Are The Best Motorcycle Pants For Summer Riding?

​What Are The Best Motorcycle Pants For Summer Riding?

Posted by Team Motorcycle on May 15th 2024

You love riding your motorcycle, but regular pants just don't cut it when the summer heat kicks in. The breeze feels great hitting your arms, but your legs feel like they're cooking.

You've thought about getting some motorcycle pants made for summer riding, but you don't know where to start. What features should you look for? What fabrics work best when the temperature rises? Should you go for full pants or try riding in Kevlar jeans?

Not to worry – this article has got you covered for finding the best motorcycle pants to keep you cool and safe all summer long. We'll go over the key things to consider from ventilation to protection so you can gear up in confidence for miles of hot weather riding.

Why You Should Wear Motorcycle Pants in Summer

It might seem strange to wear motorcycle pants when the weather is really hot. But it's important. Wearing motorcycle pants in the summer isn't just about staying cool, it's about staying safe and comfortable on your rides.

Protection from the Elements

Wearing motorcycle pants in the summer may seem like an alien concept, but they offer key protections that regular jeans or shorts do not.

Motorcycle pants are designed for riding and they are made out of materials like Kevlar or Cordura which can resist friction. This keeps your legs protected from wind, rain, dirt and debris that may reach them when you are at a very high speed on the road.

Considering how stones as small as peas can cause life-threatening injuries even at moderate speeds, these motorcycle pants are necessary for safe summer biking.

Sun Shield

Summer sunshine is more intense with UV rays than any other time of year; sunburns, premature ageing of the skin and increased chances of developing cancer may result from long exposure. Motorcycle pants come with added coverage to guard your legs against harmful ultraviolet radiation.

Look for motorcycle pants that have UV protection ratings around UPF 50. These protect more than 98% of UVA and UVB rays the whole season long, thus keeping you safe all day.

Superior Ventilation

Although an extra layer of clothing may seem hot for summer riding, motorcycle pants are designed with ventilation and breathability in mind. Many have mesh panels or perforated leather in areas like the thighs, knees, and seat. This allows for maximum airflow to keep you comfortable in hot weather.

Some pants also have waterproof yet breathable membranes to keep rain out but let moisture escape. With the right ventilated motorcycle pants, you'll stay cool and dry no matter how high the mercury rises.

While regular jeans or shorts may seem more comfortable in the heat of summer, motorcycle pants offer key protections that can help provide a safe, enjoyable ride. Shielding your legs from the sun, weather and road elements is worth the small sacrifice in perceived comfort. Your skin and safety will thank you for wearing proper motorcycle pants all season long.

Choosing the Right Materials: Mesh, Kevlar, Denim, Leather

When it comes to summer riding, the material your pants are made of is key.


Mesh pants are very breathable and made of ballistic nylon with mesh panels for maximum airflow, which offers the best comfort in hot weather but less abrasion resistance.


Kevlar riding jeans blend jeans comfort with Kevlar panels placed on high-impact areas. They breathe well and look stylish for casual riding although hotter than mesh. Look for Kevlar denim with mesh panelling if you want the best combination.


Leather pants are generally the most protective but can be suffocating in the summer heat. Perforated or vented leather pants help increase breathability and are a good compromise if you want durable leather. An alternative is textile pants with leather panels in key impact zones.

In the end, there is a need to strike a balance between comfort and protection. Do you want maximum airflow for a quick ride to work or more durable, abrasion-resistant pants for a long weekend trip? When choosing pants for the summer riding season, think about what kind of weather you’ll mostly find yourself driving through.

With today’s variety of super high-tech protective gear available on the market, one does not have to choose between safety and comfort anymore. The right summer riding pants for you are out there, you just have to identify how much or how little of each you need!

Key Features to Look For: Ventilation, Armor, Fit

When it comes to staying comfortable in hot summer weather, ventilation is key. Look for pants made of breathable materials like mesh, perforated leather or textiles with ventilation panels. D3O® GhostTM armour is flexible and protective, known as a 'fit and forget' solution.

Mesh armored pants offer 100% airflow and removable armor for easy cleaning. New CE-Level 2 armor in motorcycle pants covers the back, shoulders, elbows, arms, hips, knees, and shins.

Maximum Airflow

Mesh panels, perforated leather and textiles provide maximum airflow to keep you cool. Pants with full mesh construction are best for ventilation but may lack abrasion resistance. A good compromise is pants with mesh panels in heat zones like the knees, seat and crotch. Removable thermal liners allow you to adapt as the temperature changes.

Flexible, Low-Profile Armor

Choose pants with flexible, low-profile armour like D3O® GhostTM padding. This lightweight, soft armor hardens on impact to absorb shock and protect you while remaining flexible and breathable for comfort. Removable armour allows you to remove pads in very hot weather or when off the bike.

Adjustable Fit

A perfect fit is necessary for both comfort and safety. Look for pants with adjustable waistbands, multiple belt loops, Velcro® straps or similar to provide a snug but comfortable fit. Adjustable knee armor pockets will allow you to position pads for maximum protection and comfort. Ankle zips or Velcro® closures also allow you to adjust the fit at the cuff.

With the right combination of ventilation, protective yet flexible armor and an adjustable fit, you'll be riding comfortably and safely all summer long.

Top Picks For Motorcycle Pants For Summer Riding

These top picks combine comfort and protection to keep you cool and confident on every sun-soaked journey.

Tour Master Draft Air Motorcycle Pants

Step into summer confidently and comfortably with the Tour Master Draft Air Motorcycle Pants. These pants are engineered for the heat, featuring a breathable mesh design that keeps you cool during those scorching rides. Not only are they tough, having undergone rigorous abrasion, impact, and tear tests and being CE certified, but they also prioritize your comfort.

You can customise the fit to your liking with adjustable knee armor and dual elastic waist straps. The Fidlock magnetic closure system ensures easy wear, while durable YKK zippers provide secure storage. The 4-way stretch gussets and relaxed fit with pre-curved legs offer flexibility and comfort in the riding position.

RST Pro Series Ventilator XT CE Men's Motorcycle Textile Pants

Stay cool and protected in summer with Ventilator XT motorcycle pants. Engineered for airflow and comfort, they're ideal for all-season riding.

With CE-certified Level 2 armor at the hips and knees, you're well-covered. Constructed with durable materials like MaxTex and K300 mesh, they're built to last. Practical features include adjustable waist and leg, pockets, reflective details, seat grippers, motion panels, and a 360° connection zip. Perfect for sports or touring, these pants keep you comfortable and safe on the road.

Cortech Women's Hyper-Flo Air Motorcycle Pants

Take your summer rides to the next level with Cortech's Hyper-Flo Air Motorcycle Pants for women. Crafted with breathable mesh panels and a durable 600D polyester shell, these pants keep you cool and protected on the road.

With CE-level 2 SAFE-TECH adjustable knee armor and removable EVA foam hip pads, safety is assured without compromising comfort. The full-length zip-out waterproof liner guarantees you stay dry in unpredictable weather. Designed for versatility, they include an 8” pant-to-jacket zipper attachment for smooth integration with your gear.

Alpinestars AMT Storm Gear Drystar XF Riding Pants

Stay comfortable and protected in summer with Alpinestars AMT Storm Gear Drystar XF Riding Pants. These pants include the innovative Drystar XF membrane for increased breathability and waterproofing, providing comfort in any condition.

Seam-sealed zippers and two-layer Ripstop construction provide complete waterproofing, while the full-circumference zippered waist connector allows for easy integration with the AMT Storm Gear Drystar XF Jacket.

With detachable suspenders and a hook and loop closure, you get a customized fit for long rides. Mesh lining, a higher back cut, and stretch laminated construction prioritize the comfort of riders, while extra-long leg openings make them easy to wear over boots. Versatile and durable, these pants are perfect for summer adventures, offering unbeatable comfort and protection.

Tour Master Intake Air Motorcycle Pants

Ride confidently throughout this summer with Tour Master Intake Air Motorcycle Pants. Designed for comfort and protection, they feature abrasion-resistant mesh and a strong Polyester shell to keep you cool and secure.

With flexible 4-way stretch gussets and convenient side closures, they adapt to your movements effortlessly. A removable waterproof liner guarantees you're prepared for unexpected weather changes. CE certification, Armanox armor, and thoughtful design details make these pants your best riding companion, ready for any adventure the road brings.

So, these are some of the best motorcycle pants options to help you stay cool and comfortable this summer.

With their lightweight design and mesh panels, the Tour Master Draft Air Motorcycle Pants are a safe choice; similarly, the Tour Master Intake Air Motorcycle Pants are a fantastic option thanks to their flow-through ventilation.

Don't forget to check out the Alpinestars AMT Storm Gear Drystar XF Riding Pants if you're on a tight budget. Just keep in mind that, whenever possible, ventilation and breathability should come first. Enjoy your summertime riding and be careful out there!