Jafrum Distressed Grey Ten Pocket Cowhide Leather Motorcycle

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  • Jafrum-Distressed-Grey-Ten-Pocket-Cowhide-Leather-Vest-main
  • Jafrum-Distressed-Grey-Ten-Pocket-Cowhide-Leather-Vest-back-view
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  • Jafrum-Distressed-Grey-Ten-Pocket-Cowhide-Leather-Vest-main
  • Jafrum-Distressed-Grey-Ten-Pocket-Cowhide-Leather-Vest-back-view
  • Jafrum-Distressed-Grey-Ten-Pocket-Cowhide-Leather-Vest-inner-view

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Transform your riding experience with our MV915DG vest that offers style, comfort, and unmatched practicality.

This stunning vest is meticulously constructed from premium cowhide leather, promising not only a distinctive aesthetic appeal but also outstanding durability. Its distressed grey finish is guaranteed to add an edge to your biker style. The vest boasts a fixed polyester lining, ensuring a smooth and comfortable experience on every ride, regardless of the duration or distance.

Featuring a V-neck coupled with a 4-snap front closure, this vest offers a sophisticated, secure fit and easy wearability. The side laces further enhance the vest's fit, allowing customization to meet your unique comfort needs. The vest's design includes a single back panel, perfect for showcasing your favorite patches or adding new ones to demonstrate your adventures on the road.

Practicality is central to the design with a total of ten pockets. The exterior includes two vertical zippered pockets and two smaller pockets, offering easy access to essentials while on the move. Inside the vest, you'll discover two concealed carry pockets, ideal for those who prefer to travel prepared. And there are two zippered pockets and two smaller pockets inside the vest, offering secure storage for your valuables.


  • Crafted from high-grade cowhide leather, offering a unique blend of durability and style.
  • Features a fixed polyester lining for consistent comfort and breathability. Equipped with a modern V-neck and a secure 4-snap front closure for easy wearability.
  • Designed with adjustable side laces to ensure a custom fit tailored to your comfort.
  • Single back panel specifically designed to accommodate patches, making your vest a canvas for personal expression.
  • Two front vertical zippered pockets and two smaller pockets for easy access and secure storage of essentials.
  • Two concealed carry pockets for those requiring enhanced security and peace of mind.
  • Two zippered pockets and two smaller pockets located inside the vest.



Distressed Grey Ten Pocket Cowhide Leather Vest Sizing


Please use a cloth tape measure to measure the circumference of your chest in inches. You can go up a size depending on how you wear the vest. Otherwise go with the chest measurement.


Size Chart

Size Chest/Bust
S 36
M 38
L 40
XL 42
2XL 44
3XL 46
4XL 48
5XL 50
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