Saddlemen Cruisin Teardrop Saddlebags - Jumbo (NIOP)

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  • Saddlemen Cruisin Teardrop Saddlebags - Jumbo (NIOP)
  • Saddlemen Cruisin Teardrop Saddlebags - Jumbo (NIOP)
  • Saddlemen Cruisin Teardrop Saddlebags - Jumbo (NIOP)
  • Saddlemen Cruisin Teardrop Saddlebags - Jumbo (NIOP)
  • Saddlemen Cruisin Teardrop Saddlebags - Jumbo (NIOP)
  • Saddlemen Cruisin Teardrop Saddlebags - Jumbo (NIOP)

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Saddlemen Cruisin Teardrop Saddlebags - Jumbo (NIOP).


The Saddlemen Cruis’n Teardrop Saddlebags are handsome bags that will look great on any bike. The look of the Cruis’n line is smooth and clean, and these bags are crafted out of a high-quality synthetic leather that is both durable and easy to clean. These well-made teardrop-shaped bags can be mounted on your bike in three ways. You can either use the included yoke to mount them over your fender. Or you can use them without the yoke and hard mount them to your bike using the included supports. Finally, you can also use Saddlemen’s S4 Quick-Disconnect Mounting Kit, which is sold separately, to custom install the bags so that you can take them on and off in just a few seconds. These bags also boast a forward opening lid that frees up both of your hands for loading and unloading your gear.


Large : 18" L x 10.5" D x 5.5" W
Jumbo : 20" L x 12" D x 6.5" W


Saddlemen Cruisn Teardrop Saddlebag Features


  • Cruis’n line is clean, smooth and stylish.
  • Install them one of three ways: 1) A yoke is included for over-the-fender mounting, or 2) easily take the yoke off and hard-mount the bags using the included chrome Saddlebag Supports,or 3) add Saddlemen’s S4 Quick-Disconnect Mounting Kit (sold separately) for a custom installation that enables the bags to come on and off in seconds.
  • Chrome saddlebag supports and mounting hardware are included, so you don’t have to buy anything else.
  • Tear drop shape clears most stock turn signal locations.
  • Turn Signal Relocator bracket included for those harder-to-fit bikes.
  • Unique forward opening lid stays open for easy access to the bag’s interiorspace and freeing up both hands for loading your gear.
  • Included yoke and smooth, rigid backside allows easy installation on most bikes;can also be used with Saddlemen Quick-Disconnect mounting kits.
  • Rigid bag construction holds its shape even when empty.
  • All-new design.
  • Large internal elastic mesh pockets for maps, etc.
  • Zippered yoke attachment removes bag quickly, carry handle included.
  • The over the fender yoke is designed for easy removal for either rigid or quick disconnect mounting as desired.
  • Lockable twistlock closures; padlocks included.


Saddlemen Cruisin Teardrop Saddlebags Mounting Instructions


Sizing Instructions:

Measure distance horizontally from the edge of the rear turn signal to where the passenger would be aligned on the seat. Next, measure the distance vertically from the exhaust pipe to approximately two inches below the top of the rear fender.

*Please remember to allow at least one inch clearance between the bottom of the saddlebag and the exhaust pipe. This will prevent the saddlebag from being damaged by touching the exhaust pipe.

Mounting Instructions:

Visually align saddlebags to your bike (you make need a second pair of hands) to give a general idea of where bags should be placed. Attach your barrel bolts and washers to the bags and attach saddlebags to your bike with the fender bolts.

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