10 Best Motorcycle Riding Chaps

10 Best Motorcycle Riding Chaps

Posted by Team Motorcycle on Sep 23rd 2023

As a motorcyclist, protecting yourself from the elements and potential road rash is critical to your safety and comfort. Motorcycle riding chaps provide an essential layer of protection for your legs against wind, rain, and abrasion. When choosing a pair of riding chaps, you want to consider factors like material, fit, and additional features to find an option suited to your needs and riding style. This guide will overview the ten best motorcycle riding chaps based on durability, protection, comfort, and value. We've researched top-rated, high-quality chaps so you can gear up and get riding with peace of mind.

Motorcycle riding chaps are protective garments worn over your regular pants to shield your legs from the elements and potential road injuries while riding. They are made of durable, abrasion-resistant materials like leather, cordura, or kevlar and cover from your waist to your ankles.

Riding chaps provide essential protection for any motorcyclist. They defend against wind, rain, and cold weather, so you stay comfortable on long rides. More importantly, they guard against road rash if you take a spill. Quality riding chaps can prevent severe friction burns, lacerations, and impact injuries to your legs, knees, and lower body.

10 Best Motorcycle Riding Chaps By Team Motorcycle

Team Motorcycle has prepared a comprehensive list of the top ten motorcycle riding chaps that excel in durability, protection, comfort, and value. This guide presents an overview of the finest quality chaps that have been highly rated, enabling you to make an informed decision and ride with confidence.

Premium Cowhide Four Pocket Biker Leather Motorcycle Chaps

The Vance Leather VL811TG Men's and Women's Black Premium Cowhide Four Pocket Biker Leather Motorcycle Chaps are essential gear for motorcycle enthusiasts. These chaps feature a tough and long-lasting top-grain leather shell, complemented by a removable quilted lining that extends down to the knee, offering extra warmth during chilly rides. They provide flexibility in length, as the hems can be cut by up to 7" to achieve your preferred fit.

Secured with a buckle closure and adjustable back lacing, these chaps offer a personalized and secure fit. Getting them on and off is a breeze, thanks to the knee-length zippers. You'll have plenty of storage spaces on the road with two front zippered and snap pockets. Additionally, the gathered sides on the thighs enhance comfort and flexibility, and the YKK metal zippers ensure both durability and reliability, making these chaps a must-have for any rider.

Men and Women Black Leather Biker Motorcycle Riding Chaps

Upgrade your motorcycle gear with the Vance Leather VL801S Men's and Women's Black Leather Biker Motorcycle Riding Chaps to ensure both comfort and protection during your rides. These chaps, made from premium genuine leather, are built for long-lasting durability. The adjustable front belt allows for a personalized fit, and a handy front pocket provides storage for your small essentials.

You can enjoy comfortable and flexible movement riding with inner thigh stretch panels. Wind flaps protect the side zippers to shield you from the elements, and snaps at the bottom make them easy to wear with your shoes, making Vance Leather a reliable choice for riders seeking both quality and style on the road.

All Season Black Zip-out Insulated Pants Style Biker Leather Motorcycle Chaps

These motorcycle chaps are made from high-quality top-grain buffalo leather, ensuring excellent quality and durability. They come with an adjustable front belt and a lace back, allowing riders to customize the fit for comfort. With classic jean-style pockets on both sides, these chaps offer convenient storage options. Inner thigh stretch panels ensure an optimal fit and maximum comfort during rides.

Additionally, they feature an extra-long leg cut that can be trimmed to the rider's specific length with household shears. These chaps have a zip-out quilted thermal lining to warm riders in colder weather. The YKK metal and wind flap-covered side zippers enhance durability and provide protection.

Black Zip-out Insulated Thermal Liner Braided Biker Leather Motorcycle Chaps

Crafted from high-quality leather for exceptional durability, these motorcycle pants prioritize long-lasting wear. The adjustable front belt and lace back allow for a personalized and secure fit. Featuring a heavy-duty YKK metal zipper for closure, these pants ensure reliability on the road. The stylish braided trim adds a touch of flair, while the cargo-style pocket provides convenient storage.

When the temperature drops, the zip-out quilted thermal lining offers added warmth, and the wind flap-covered side zippers prevent chilly gusts from entering. For comfort, a fixed nylon mesh lining is incorporated, and snaps at the bottom make these pants easy to put on and take off, even with shoes on. With an extra-long leg cut that can be tailored to fit riders of all heights, these pants are designed for versatility and comfort.

Premium Cowhide Vintage Distressed Brown Jean Style Leather Motorcycle Chaps

These motorcycle pants are expertly crafted from top-quality distressed brown leather, guaranteeing style and durability. They offer a customizable fit with an adjustable front belt and lace back, ensuring comfort during rides. Two snap and two zipper pockets are on the front for convenience. Easy on/off is a breeze with snaps at the bottom. A power stretch panel at the thigh guarantees a comfortable and non-clinging fit. These pants also feature a removable quilted lining for versatile warmth, and their YKK metal zippers ensure long-lasting durability and reliability on the road.

Men and Women Black Deep Pocket Biker Leather Motorcycle Chaps

Crafted from high-quality, genuine cowhide leather, these motorcycle pants offer both durability and a sleek style. Their adjustable front belt ensures a comfortable fit for various body types, while the fixed nylon mesh lining adds extra comfort and breathability during rides. With deep side pockets for storage convenience and inner thigh stretch panels for an optimal fit and enhanced mobility, these pants are designed with riders in mind. The YKK metal zippers on the sides, covered with a wind flap, provide added protection, and the snap at the bottom makes it easy to put on, even with your shoes on. Whether hitting the open road or cruising around town, these pants offer style and practicality for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Black Premium Cowhide Deep Pocket Biker Leather Motorcycle Chaps

Black premium cowhide deep pocket motorcycle chaps are crafted from premium quality cowhide leather, ensuring both durability and style for riders. They feature an adjustable front belt and a back lace, allowing for a customizable fit to maximize comfort during rides. The unfinished hem design permits easy length adjustments, catering to individual preferences.

These chaps also showcase sleek silver hardware, adding a touch of style and enhancing their durability. With deep front pockets, riders can conveniently store their essentials. The inclusion of a fixed mesh lining adds breathability and comfort while wearing. Side zippers are covered with a wind flap to prevent wind and weather from penetrating, and snaps at the bottom make for easy on-and-off access.

Men's Black Reflective and Vented Premium Cowhide Leather Biker Motorcycle Riding Chaps

These motorcycle chaps are made from high-quality leather material, ensuring durability and style for riders. They feature a fixed mesh inner liner that adds comfort during rides. The chaps are equipped with a buckle closure and elastic on the back, allowing for adjustable waist fitment for a secure and comfortable fit.

Also, there's elastic on the inner thigh to ensure a comfortable fit while riding. The zippered leg with four snaps makes these chaps easy to wear and remove, and they also include jeans-style deep pockets with snaps for secure storage. For additional storage options, two zippered deep pockets are included. Two extra-long zippered vents enhance airflow, keeping riders comfortable in various weather conditions. Reflective piping and stripes are added for better visibility at night, improving safety. These chaps feature premium YKK zippers for added durability and longevity, making them a reliable choice for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Women's Vintage Distressed Gray Soft Goatskin Lady Biker Motorcycle Leather Chaps

These motorcycle chaps feature top-quality distressed gray leather, combining a stylish, rugged appearance. The adjustable front belt and back lace offer a customized fit, ensuring maximum comfort and support for riders. Convenient front snap pockets provide easy access to essentials while on the go. Grommeted twill and lace add an edgy touch to the chaps' design. Inner thigh stretch panels enhance the fit, providing added flexibility and ease of movement. To keep riders warm, the chaps have zippers on the sides covered with wind flaps, preventing cold air from getting in. Snap closures make it easy to put on and take off the chaps, even with shoes on, adding to their convenience and practicality.

Children's Biker Motorcycle Style Black Leather Chaps

These children's motorcycle chaps are crafted from high-quality leather, ensuring durability and style for young riders. They come equipped with an adjustable front belt and lace back, allowing for a customized fit tailored to each child's comfort. Additionally, the chaps feature a handy coin pocket for storing small items securely.

Heavy-duty YKK metal zippers are incorporated into the design to ensure longevity and security. Inside, a fixed inner liner provides added comfort and protection. Side zippers, covered with a wind flap, enhance insulation, keeping young riders warm during their adventures. The extra-long leg cut can be easily adjusted to fit a variety of body types with the help of household shears, while snaps at the bottom make it a breeze to put on and take off, even with shoes on.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right Motorcycle Riding Chaps

Several factors must be considered when selecting motorcycle riding chaps to ensure you choose a pair well-suited to your needs and riding style.


The two most common materials for chaps are leather and nylon. Leather provides the most protection and durability but tends to be more expensive. Nylon chaps are more affordable and weather-resistant but less protective. For most riders, leather chaps are the best choice for safety and comfort.


Chaps should fit comfortably over your regular pants without feeling too loose or tight. Look for chaps that secure at the waist with adjustable straps or belt loops and have extra room for mobility in the hips and thighs. The length should fall just above your boot tops. Ill-fitting chaps won’t protect adequately and can be unsafe and uncomfortable.


Consider what features are most beneficial for your type of riding. Pockets, lining, knee pads, and reinforced seat patches are options that provide extra protection and storage. For cold weather, look for insulated or thermal chaps. Reflective strips or piping help increase nighttime visibility for safety.


If you ride in hot weather, ventilation is essential for comfort. Some chaps have mesh panels or perforations, especially on the inseam, to allow airflow. For the most breathability, choose chaps made primarily of mesh nylon with leather or other protective panels only where needed.


Motorcycle chap prices range from $30 to $500 or more for high-quality, specially-designed pairs. In general, you get what you pay for. You can find an essential, entry-level pair for under $100 if you're on a budget. Investing in a more premium pair for severe or long-distance riding will be worth it for comfort, protection, and durability.


In conclusion, you now have an overview of some of the highest quality motorcycle chaps currently available on the market based on factors like durability, protection, comfort, and value. While there are many options, the key is finding a pair that fits well, protects adequately for your riding conditions, and allows you to stay comfortable in the saddle for long rides.

With the recommendations and advice provided here, you can make an informed decision and choose a pair of motorcycle chaps that will serve you well for years and help ensure safe, enjoyable rides wherever the open road may take you. Stay safe out there, and happy riding.