The 2016 MotoGP and other races schedules, and how not to forget them

The 2016 MotoGP and other races schedules, and how not to forget them

Posted by Mike Werner on Dec 17th 2016

Many bikers are motorcycle-racing fans, and the King of motorcycle races remains the MotoGP world championships, where we see the elite of the elite compete in circuits around the world.

But every year the schedule changes, as do the circuits used for the races. Scheduling these races is a nightmare for Dorna, the organization that looks after MotoGP and World Superbike races. Not only do they need to schedule these races in such a way that there are no conflicts between MotoGP and Superbike, but they also need to take into account high profile motorsport events, such as Formula One.

So the published schedules are still a moving target, but we’re getting closer to the real deal. Here is what is current:

There are still two races not totally confirmed (marked with “**”), and of course you stand the chance that something will happen (political, financial, wars, catastrophes, etc) that will upset the whole applecart

So what to do to have the latest races in your “to view” diary? How can you be sure that when you are planning that outing with your BFF, that on that specific day there wasn’t a major MotoGP race scheduled?

Well, it quite simple, especially if you are one of the millions of bikers who use Google Calendar, Outlook or Apple Cal, or the calendars built in on your smartphone, tablet , PC and Mac. offers free subscriptions to race schedules that will appear in your calendars. For each type of race (there are many to select from around the world; MotoGP, SuperBike, Formula One, MotoAmerica, etc etc), you can even specify whether you want the free practice and/or qualifier schedules.


Your agenda will then display the schedule in your time zone. Above is what my Google Calendar shows.

This way you’ll never forget a race.

Click here to access the MotoCal web site. At the time of writing they haven’t published the 2016 MotoGP schedule, but you can already subscribe to the schedules of your favorite motorsports. This way when the schedules are published, you don’t have to do anything, it’s automatic.