26 Of The Craziest Motorcycles Helmets You'll Ever See

26 Of The Craziest Motorcycles Helmets You'll Ever See

Posted by Team Motorcycle on May 4th 2016

As a group of people, bikers are a strange lot. We want to be different since we do not like driving cars. That’s why we call them cages. We dress differently from “normal” folks. Leathers, chaps, biker boots and helmets. We stand out in a crowd.

But some bikers want to stand out even more. They want to be more different than those that are different already. But apart from customizing your bike, getting special clothing doesn’t set you apart, so your only really choice of being noticed is your helmet. It’s the first thing a person sees, since it’s at their eye level.

Helmets, or endearingly called Brain Buckets, have as primary task to save our lives when we take a fall. Secondly, they protect your fragile heads from the elements. I mean, who likes riding in a hail storm with no helmet on? But helmets serve a third purpose, that of giving us personality. From anything you wear, or even your motorcycle, a helmet is the most visible to other people. That is why you will see many bikers wear helmets that have either flashy colors or better yet, are designed in a way that they make people look.
Flashy Colors

Normally helmets are bland, usually gray, black or white. But more and more helmets are being made in colors that are made to be noticed. Obviously noticeable colors make you stand out in traffic. It’s easier to spot a yellow helmet than a black one when you are splitting lanes. But they are also noticeable when you arrive in a busy biker place.

Walking with a fluo-orange helmet in Sturgis will make you be noticed. Hi-Viz helmets are safer and more fun, since it makes you stand out.
To go one step further, you can nowadays buy helmets that have a particular design painted on them. They can go from very basic designs to hilarious ones. The last one below could be a great fit for a funny motorcycle helmet for women.

Some designers have decided that funny or shocking designs are the way to go. These helmets aren’t mainstream – yet. But more and more helmet manufacturers are incorporating designs into the production of their helmets, giving helmets more personality and making you stand out in a crowd.

But there’s nothing stopping you from getting a cool design. If you don’t want to wait for your favorite helmet maker to get the right design for you, you can do it yourself by
creating a custom motorcycle Helmet. Or if you’re not able to paint, go to a specialized shop/designer who will paint your selected design on your brain bucket. Want a superhero design? Your favorite comic book personality? Or just something strange? Let your creativity loose.
Of course, this doesn’t only apply to normal day-to-day bikers. Even professional bikers do it. Just have a look at the helmets one of the greatest motorcycle racers of all times:- Valentino Rossi. His AGV helmets used during MotoGP races are usually designed in a way to express his mood or events in his life.


But if you don’t want to buy a new helmet just to be different, you can turn any helmet into something special by purchasing add-ons. These can be big floppy ears, mohawks, hats or other strange things that are glued or using suction cups, onto the helmet. With add-ons it doesn’t matter if you’ve got a Shoei helmet, Arai helmet, Bell motorcycle helmet, Harley Davidson Motorcycle Helmet or a bluetooth helmet, one size fits all.

This way you get to read motorcycle helmet reviews, decide on your helmet and then add your stuff on it. Be it a women's motorcycle helmet, a cheap motorcycle helmet or the best motorcycle helmet in the world, you can make it funny and standout. You’ll often find riders wearing these add-ons in public events, like big motorcycle races open to the public. It’s like in any big marathon, you’ll always see runners wearing strange costumes just to be noticed. Well, you can do exactly that with helmets. Put some bunny ears on your helmet, and you’ll be noticed, that’s for sure.

As long as your helmet is DOT approved (or any other organization, depending on where you live in the world), you’re fine. Knock yourself out, and express your personality on any helmet, whether it is a German style helmet, Carbon fiber helmet, full face helmet, half helmet or modular motorcycle helmet. Think of taking a kids motorcycle helmet and using their imagination to make it look funny or weirdo.
If you don’t know what to do, have a look at some of the photos below. These are beach motorcycle racers that have added that “something else” on their helmets in order to stand out during the race. It will not help you win a race, but for sure it will make you noticed. Maybe it is a good idea to get motorcycle helmets on sale or discounted / cheap helmets or something like a closeout HJC helmet and play with it before you put your hands on expensive Shoei, Scorpion Exo, Arai or Icon Helmets.