5 Best Motorcycle Tool Bags

5 Best Motorcycle Tool Bags

Posted by Team Motorcycle on Dec 14th 2023

Motorcycling is a great way to get out on the open road and explore the beauty of nature. But when you’re riding, you must be prepared for any eventuality. Having the right tools and gear with you can make the difference between a smooth ride and a breakdown. That’s why finding a good motorcycle tool bag is important to keep all your tools and gear organized and easily accessible.

A good motorcycle tool bag allows you to keep everything in one place so you can easily find what you need when you need it. With the variety of tool bags on the market, it can take time to determine which options are high quality, durable, and ideally suited for motorcyclists.

We've researched to find the 5 best motorcycle tool bags available on Team Motorcycle that provide exceptional organization and protection for your tools while compacting and rugged enough to handle life on the road. Whether you're a casual rider or a serious gearhead, a tool bag on this list will meet your needs and prepare you for future adventures.

What to Look for in a Motorcycle Tool Bag

When choosing a motorcycle tool bag, there are several factors to consider:

Durability and Construction

Look for a bag constructed of weather-resistant materials like ballistic nylon or canvas, with reinforced stitching and straps. Steel or alloy frames provide structure and prevent sagging. Bags with padded panels protect tools and contents. High-quality zippers, clasps, and straps ensure long-term use.

Storage Options and Organization

Multiple pockets of varying sizes keep everything in place. A large central compartment holds bigger tools, while smaller pockets store miscellaneous items like screwdrivers, wrenches, and pliers. Some bags feature straps or panels to keep tools upright and accessible. Look for bags with detachable pouches for maximum versatility.


For security, choose a bag with lockable zippers or one that can be padlocked closed. Flap covers and roll-top closures also prevent tampering. Bags that can be mounted to your bike or have carry handles and shoulder straps provide an additional theft deterrent since you can take the bag with you.

Capacity and Size

Determine how many and what types of tools you need to carry to choose an appropriately sized bag. Bags range from compact saddlebags to large roll-top duffel bags. Make sure your bag can be securely mounted to your motorcycle model.

Additional Features

Valuable extras include built-in work surfaces, waterproof liners or covers, reflective strips for visibility, and straps to attach extra gear like a jacket or gloves. Some bags are designed to double as backpacks when off the bike.

With many options available, you can find a motorcycle tool bag to suit your needs and organize your essential gear for any roadside emergency or repair. Carefully evaluating the factors that matter most to you will ensure you choose the best bag for your bike and riding style.

Reviews of the 5 Best Motorcycle Tool Bags

When choosing a motorcycle tool bag, durability, and functionality are key. Below are reviews of the top 5 motorcycle tool bags to keep your ride running smoothly.

Black Motorcycle Handlebar Bag Toolbag

The Vance VS124H Black Motorcycle Handlebar Bag Toolbag is a durable and stylish companion for riders, built to carry essential tools. Its elegant design attaches conveniently to the handlebars, providing quick access to tools like wrenches or tire repair kits. With a roomy interior and secure buckle closure, it's perfect for short and long trips, ensuring you're ready for roadside fixes priced just at 19.95$.

Black Hard Shell Studded Motorcycle Handlebar Bag Toolbag

Introducing the Vance VS112H Black Hard Shell Studded Motorcycle Handlebar Bag Toolbag, a steal at just $19.95! This isn't your average toolbag—it's tough, stylish, and built to endure. Crafted from PVC, it shields your tools from rough weather while its spacious size accommodates all your riding essentials. Adding a dash of rugged charm, the studded design sets your ride apart.

Accessing your gear on the go is easy with handy quick-release features. It securely fastens to your handlebars using two buckle straps, ensuring a worry-free journey. This bag is the ultimate pick for riders craving durability, affordability, and effortless tool access.

3 Strap Plain Black Hard Shell Motorcycle Toolbag

For just $19.95, the 3 Strap Plain Black Hard Shell Motorcycle Toolbag is a smart and functional addition to your ride. Its minimalist black hard shell design adds a timeless touch to your motorcycle's look. Secured by three sturdy straps, this toolbag stays firmly in place, ensuring stability even on bumpy rides.

Built tough, the hard shell offers durability, shielding your tools from wear and tear. Despite its compact size, it surprises you with plenty of space, accommodating all your tools for the journey. The three-strap setup provides versatile attachment options, letting you find the perfect spot for it on your motorcycle. Practical, stylish, and budget-friendly, it's the ideal companion for any rider seeking a reliable tool bag.

Black Studded Motorcycle Toolbag with Concho Accents

At $19.95, the Black Studded Motorcycle Toolbag with Concho Accents is a striking accessory for riders. Crafted from durable black leather, this bag doesn't just look good—it's built tough with studs and standout concho accents. Beyond its fashionable appeal, this toolbag is studded for durability, ensuring your tools remain well-protected.

Its reliable closures guarantee the safety of your gear while riding. Despite its sleek appearance, the bag offers much storage space for all necessary tools. The unique combo of studs and concho accents gives your bike an edgy, adaptable vibe. This bag is for you if you want gear that speaks volumes while protecting your tools.

Distressed Brown Motorcycle Handlebar Bag Toolbag

The Vance VS123DB Distressed Brown Motorcycle Handlebar Bag Toolbag is a versatile choice designed to easily fit almost any type of motorcycle. Its dimensions of 10 3/4" L x 3 1/2"W x 5 1/2" H offer generous space without being bulky. Featuring a convenient clasp, opening and closing this bag is easy, providing quick access to your tools.

The studded accents add a touch of style to its distressed brown exterior. Securing it to your bike is simple, thanks to the buckled straps, providing a snug fit during rides. With one main compartment, organizing your tools becomes straightforward, making it a practical and functional accessory for any rider.

What are the main types of motorcycle tool bags?

The two most common motorcycle tool bags are saddlebags and tool rolls. Saddlebags attach to your bike, providing sturdy, weather-resistant storage on either side. Tool rolls are lightweight bags that roll up for easy storage under your seat or in a backpack.

How do I choose the right tool bag for my motorcycle?

Consider the size of your motorcycle, the available mounting space, the number of tools you need to carry, and the bag's durability. Look for a bag that fits securely and complements your bike's aesthetics.

How do I install a motorcycle tool bag?

Most tool bags come with straps or mounting brackets that attach to various motorcycle parts, such as the handlebars, forks, or saddlebags. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for secure installation.

Can a motorcycle tool bag withstand different weather conditions?

Many tool bags are made from durable materials like PVC, leather, or synthetic fabrics that resist weather. However, checking the bag's specifications is advisable to ensure it suits your riding environment.

Can a tool bag affect my motorcycle's handling?

A nicely positioned tool bag should not significantly affect your motorcycle's handling if installed correctly and not overloaded. However, it's essential to distribute weight evenly to maintain balance.


While there are many options for transporting tools on your motorcycle, a dedicated tool bag is a smart solution. After reviewing some of the highest-rated and most popular models, you can't go wrong with these five best motorcycle tool bags. They provide sturdy and spacious storage for your essential gear while keeping everything organized and within easy reach.

Your tools and supplies will be well protected, allowing you to hit the road confidently, ready for any roadside needs. With a quality tool bag packed and strapped to your bike, you have one less thing to worry about so you can focus on enjoying the ride. Your motorcycle is worth protecting, so invest in a solid tool bag and keep your most essential accessories secure and close at hand.