5 Best Women Motorcycle Jackets for Summer

5 Best Women Motorcycle Jackets for Summer

Posted by Team Motorcycle on May 9th 2024

Hey there, fellow rider! Ready to hit the road and feel the wind in your hair? However, before you start the engine, let’s get some talking about the gear. Specifically, we will discuss women's motorcycle jackets that are designed not just for any ride, but for summer rides in the heat.

Imagine this; it’s sunny outside, the asphalt is burning and there is an adventure calling out to you. But wait because not all jackets are made equal when it comes to beating the heat. Being a rider for a long or just starting, finding a jacket that will allow you to enjoy the summer rides while keeping cool and secure is very important. Therefore grasp your sunglasses tightened up and let us go through the top 5 picks for women motorcycle jackets for summer that will be cruising looking smart all summer long!

Let us walk you through what matters most in choosing safe yet stylish summer motorcycle jackets and season's top picks to keep you safe while staying cool on the open road.

How To Choose The Best Women Motorcycle Jacket For Summer

When looking for the right jacket for a woman to use during the summer months, make sure it has good air circulation, is comfortable and provides protection. Some things such as mesh construction, lightweight armor and flexibility in terms of adjustability should be looked for.

Consider the Material

During summertime, it’s important to wear jackets made from light materials that allow good aeration. For example, one could wear a jacket made from mesh which is very light and will help you remain cool during hot weather.

Alternatively, perforated or vented leather jackets are still capable of providing ample protection while at the same time putting more air into circulation through them. In this case, avoid using leather jackets without any holes because they tend to be uncomfortable during warm days.

Look for Venting and Padding

The vents allow airflow inside the jacket, especially on its back parts, sleeves and sides. Ensure that any jacket you consider has enough vents which can be opened or closed depending on the current environmental conditions. The padding at your shoulders, elbows, and back would help protect you against getting hurt in an accident without adding too much bulkiness like what happens with many other jackets. Provided it is possible go for a removable padded jacket so that one can remove it when there’s too much heat.

Consider a Light or Bright Color

Compared to dark-colored jackets lighter ones reflect more sun rays hence staying cooler. Light colors also reflect some light making them less hot than black jackets. There are bright colors like neon or high-visibility orange that can easily be sighted by other motorists just in case something unexpected happens.

Check the Fit

A properly fitted motorcycle jacket is important for both safety and comfort. It should feel snug but still allow for free movement of your arms. The hem should fall just above your hips. Make sure the sleeves end just past your wrists. Try on different sizes to find the best fit for your body type. An ill-fitting jacket won't protect you properly in a crash and will be uncomfortable on long rides.

Other Features to Consider

Other useful features to look for in a summer motorcycle jacket include waterproof pockets, a removable liner, adjustable straps and waistline, and reflective details like piping or stripes. With the proper precautions taken, you'll be ready to hit the road for fun in the sun!

Top Women Motorcycle Jackets for Summer Time Riding

When the summer heat hits, having the right motorcycle jacket can make all the difference. These top women's motorcycle jackets are designed to keep you cool and comfortable while providing the necessary protection for your summer rides.

Joe Rocket Majestic Women Textile Motorcycle Jacket

Meet the Joe Rocket Majestic Women's Textile Motorcycle Jacket – your perfect companion for summer rides. Its sleek design and lightweight feel offer both style and comfort on the road.

The full Free Air™ mesh construction keeps you cool during hot days, while the CE armor provides essential protection without sacrificing breathability. With adjustable features and a removable waterproof liner, it's versatile for any weather conditions. Get ready to ride in style and safety with this jacket!

Joe Rocket Velocity Women Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

The Joe Rocket Velocity Women's Mesh Motorcycle Jacket is the best summer riding companion. With a Cooling FreeAir™ mesh shell across the torso, back, and arms, you'll stay cool and comfortable even on the hottest days.

Reinforced with Rock Tex™ at critical areas like the shoulders, ribs, elbows, and forearms, this jacket offers durability and protection where you need it most. It comes with a removable waterproof full-sleeve liner, allowing versatility for changing weather conditions. With contoured shoulder and elbow armor and a removable Dual Density spine pad, you'll ride with confidence knowing you're protected.

The 6-point SureFit™ custom adjustment system ensures a snug and personalized fit, while the multiple pockets provide convenient storage for your essentials. Complete with reflective stripes and logos, this jacket enhances visibility, making it the perfect choice for summer rides.

Highway 21 Women's Aira Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

Say goodbye to sweltering summer rides with the Highway 21 Women's Aira Mesh Motorcycle Jacket. It's your ticket to escaping the scorching sun and melting pavement, keeping you cool and protected on the road. Crafted with breathable mesh and CE-certified armor, it provides the perfect blend of comfort and safety for your summer adventures.

With high-visibility reflective piping and removable PE armor on the shoulders and elbows, you'll stay visible and protected wherever you ride. Its removable hydra-guard liner and adjustable arm volume offer customizable comfort to suit your needs. Ride confidently into the next era with your new Aira jacket, your trusted companion for conquering summer rides with ease and style.

Vance Women High Visibility Mesh Motorcycle Riding Jacket

The Vance Women's High Visibility Mesh Motorcycle Riding Jacket with CE Armor & Removable Thermal Liner is designed to meet female riders' unique needs. Engineered with a high-visibility mesh fabric, this jacket not only keeps you cool during warm rides but also enhances your visibility on the road, ensuring safety.

With CE armor in key impact areas, you're protected to the highest standard. The removable thermal liner offers versatility for changing weather conditions, keeping you warm without sacrificing breathability. Stylish, safe, and functional, it's the top choice for female riders looking for all-around protection on their riding adventures.

RST S-1 Mesh CE Women's Motorcycle Textile Jacket

Gear up for an incredible summer ride with the RST S-1 Mesh CE Women's Motorcycle Textile Jacket, inspired by the renowned S-1 Textile Jacket but tailored specifically for warm-weather adventures. Crafted with Maxtex and K540 Mesh Material, it ensures optimal airflow to keep you cool throughout your journey.

With its removable Sinaqua Waterproof Lining, unexpected showers won't dampen your spirits. Designed with motion panels and a neoprene sport comfort collar, this jacket offers flexibility and comfort for those long rides. It's not just a jacket; it's your companion for unlocking a new level of enjoyment on the road. With reflective details and CE Level 1 armor, safety and style go hand in hand. Get ready to hit the road and enjoy the summer breeze with confidence and comfort in this exceptional women's motorcycle jacket.

Frequently Asked Questions About Women's Motorcycle Jackets for Summer

What factors should I consider when choosing a summer motorcycle jacket?

When selecting a motorcycle jacket for summer riding, several factors should be considered:

  • Material: Look for a lightweight, breathable material like mesh, textile or perforated leather. These materials maximize airflow and keep you cool while riding. Avoid non-perforated leather, which can be stifling in hot weather.
  • Ventilation: Mesh panels, vents and perforations allow for maximum ventilation. More vents, especially in heat-intensive areas like underarms, will keep you most comfortable.
  • Fit: A jacket that fits properly will be most comfortable. It should be snug enough to stay securely in place, but loose enough for airflow. An adjustable waistband or Velcro straps also allow you to adjust the fit.
  • Padding: Lightweight padding in the shoulders, elbows and back protector pocket will still provide protection. Remove any thermal linings for summer riding.
  • Additional features: Consider a jacket with reflective details or bright colors for visibility and safety. Pockets, a removable waterproof liner and adjustability features are also useful.

How do I know which size of women's motorcycle jacket is right for me?

To find the right size, it's essential to refer to the manufacturer's sizing chart and measure yourself accurately. Usually, you'll need to measure your chest, waist, and hips and compare them to the measurements provided in the chart. Remember that different brands may have slightly different sizing, so it's important to check the specific sizing information for the jacket you're interested in.

Can I wear a summer motorcycle jacket in cooler weather?

Although summer motorcycle jackets are designed to provide maximum airflow and ventilation for hot weather riding, some of them have liners that can be removed or layers to add additional insulation. With this in mind, you can make the jacket suitable for cold temperatures by removing or adding layers as required. However, if one enjoys riding during winter under consistently cold conditions; a specific winter motorcycle jacket will do for warmth and security maximization.

When looking for women’s summer motorcycle jackets there are several fantastic options. The most important thing is to get something that fits your needs in terms of safety, comfort, style and budget. Consider things like how you will be using the bike, the climate where you live and any special features you may need.

With the right jacket, you'll be ready to hit the open roads in complete confidence and comfort. Don't settle for less than the perfect jacket for you. Take your time; research well and invest in a high-quality women’s motorcycle jacket that will protect you through the whole summer while still making a fashion statement.