5 Reasons Why You Should Wear Gloves While Riding

5 Reasons Why You Should Wear Gloves While Riding

Posted by Team Motorcycle on Feb 27th 2021

For most of you, riding a motorcycle is not just a hobby; it’s a passion. All you want in life is to travel each and every corner of the world, achieving impossible miles, paths, and terrain. But, things are not always easy. You may be the best rider in the whole world, but sometimes even without making any mistakes of your own, you could find yourself injured if not equipped with proper riding gear.

If you are not suited appropriately, then what is the point of riding when you know the real dangers of the roads?

Do you know what is the most neglected but one of the important parts of motorcycle gear? It is the riding gloves! Most of you fail to realize how important they are while riding. They are not just worn to add the cool factor or to give you the perfect rider look but also to keep you super safe while riding.
We’ve listed 5 top reasons why you must wear gloves while riding.

Better grip

If you are a rider, you might know the importance of a good grip on the handle. During the harsh winter days, your hands may feel numb due to the cold weather and may lose grip from the handle. This isn’t a good thing at all!
Wearing a good pair of gloves ensures that your hands don’t lose the grip and slip off the handles. And what not, they provide insulation to make your riding experience more comfortable!

Injury prevention

Nobody likes to fall down from a motorcycle. But, if that happens, do you have any idea about what you are going to do? Yeah! Your hands! You will probably be putting your hands down because that is the first thing everyone does when they think they are going to fall. In such a situation, it is necessary that you should have some sort of protection for your hands.
Motorcycle gloves are extremely helpful in protecting your hands from getting injured. If you are not wearing one, then chances are there that you are going to get badly bruised or injured fingers.

Avoid the numbness

Most of you might have experienced a feeling of numbness after riding for long hours. To operate your motorcycle correctly, you need to feel your hands. Just think - your hands are numb, you are feeling extremely uncomfortable with that tingling effect; what will be the outcome? ACCIDENT - Yeah!

Wearing gloves, especially, padded ones can help you against these bad vibrations and save you from the so-called accidents!

Protection from bugs and road debris

Imagine you are riding a bike at a speed of 80 mph and a giant bee slams your hand. When this happens, you may overreact and lose control - shifting your concentration from the road to the bee, and God knows what is going to happen in that single second.

There are many little things that fly through the air and hit your hands when you are driving. So why take a risk? Grab a pair of gloves and save yourself from these tiny creatures.

Protection from bad weather

We know that you all check the weather conditions before planning a long ride. But, nothing is predictable!

The scorching heat of the sun burning your skin, the harsh and cold weather making your hands numb - don’t you think you should wear gloves? You should!

Some people may find it ridiculous to wear gloves while riding a motorcycle. Your hands are the part of your body that is very much exposed while riding, and protecting them is much important for a safe ride. So, safety first! Wear a pair of gloves and give yourself a bit of extra protection.