A Properly Designed Heads Up Display For Motorcycles?

A Properly Designed Heads Up Display For Motorcycles?

Posted by Mike Werner on Jun 30th 2017

There have been several high-profile HUDs (Heads Up Display) for motorcycles announced over the last few years (like Skully and LiveMap). Having a HUD makes sense, since you can be presented with important information while riding your motorcycle without being distracted or requiring focusing away from traffic. Let’s face it, if fighter pilots use HUDs while slugging it out with bandits in the sky, why wouldn’t it be okay for us bikers?

But almost all these HUD proposals have bought the farm … they no longer exist. And the reason? Usually it meant you had to buy a special helmet, and the price tag was that of a small motorcycle. So, expensive for what you got.


A Properly Designed Heads Up Display For Motorcycles

Nuviz is hoping to change that, and their idea is not bad at all. Their product is supposed to be able to be fitted on any helmet, not specially bought ones. However, I’d venture to say it will only work on integral and possibly modular ones.

The Nuviz unit gets bolted to the front of your helmet, and consists of the controller and a small transparent screen that sits just above the chin part of the helmet (see photo above).


A Properly Designed Heads Up Display For Motorcycles

Information is projected onto this screen (see bottom right of photo above), and since the screen is transparent, you can look through the screen; there’s nothing blocking your view.

The information on the small screen will be visible without focusing on it. You can see navigation information but you can also see the name of a person who is calling you on your smartphone.


A Properly Designed Heads Up Display For MotorcyclesA Properly Designed Heads Up Display For Motorcycles

What’s more, they have a small control unit that is placed on your motorcycle’s handlebar. This is a remote control until, allowing you to control the Nuviz without having to remove your hands from the handlebar.

But why would you want to control the unit? That’s because you can not only navigate but also play music, call/kill phone calls, AND you can also make videos and photos with the helmet mounted Nuviz unit. That’s right, the unit is also an 8 megapixel HD camera. Photos and videos are saved to your phone, and to an optional onboard SD card.

The battery should last for an 8-hour ride, so probably longer than you.

Price: US$ 699

Click here to get more information, or to order it.

The “bolt-on” HUD idea is not new. Back some 10 years ago, Motion Research’s Sportvue had one which showed data like engaged gear, RPM and speed. But it never caught up with technology. So, what do you say? Is this an interesting product, Are HUDs finally coming our way properly?