America runs on bacon, and so does this motorcycle

America runs on bacon, and so does this motorcycle

Posted by Mike Werner on Sep 9th 2016

So what about Bacon and motorcycles?

First of all, Kevin doesn’t ride motorcycles. Confused?

Of course, we’re talking about actor/musician Kevin Bacon. He is not known for riding motorcycles, neither as a true passion or hobby nor to show that he is a bad dude (like some Hollywood actors). He’s just got a great last name.

So it’s not that Bacon.

How about the “Lady”?

But the “Lady” hasn’t got anything to do with motorcycles either (except occasionally as pillion or used in her shows), but Bacon is something she knows about.

Now we’re talking about Lady Gaga, and the famed bacon-made dress.


Imagine walking around a hot day in a bacon dress? No perfume will make that smell disappear, but then why would you need perfume if you smell of bacon?

But the idea is pretty neat, placing slabs of bacon on your dress. So in the spirit of Lady Gaga’s dress, how about a bacon motorcycle?

Now that could be an interesting customization. Cover your plastics with strips of bacon, and to top things off, place strips of bacon on the exhaust. When you arrive (hopefully the journey is not too long), you’ll have ready-to-eat rashers. All you need are the eggs. A true bacon motorcycle.

Or you could do what these folks have done. As a publicity stunt, Hormel Foods, for their Black Label bacon, distilled bacon grease and made it into a fuel, and use it to run a motorcycle. Using a motorcycle engine that runs diesel, it’s not an enormous big trick, except of course it’s cheaper to use regular fuel. To make 1 gallon of bacon-diesel, you need 30 pounds of bacon. And that ain’t cheap.


But where would running regular fuel be considered fun? Imagine burning bacon grease as fuel. Woow… the smell would be mouthwatering.

Needless to say, you’ll not be seeing bacon-run motorcycles in your local bike shop real soon. Maybe one of the motorcycle customizing TV shows will do a bacon decorated bike. Your alternative to a bacon bike? You’ll need to head on to this site to see….