Bell Star 360Fly Smart Helmet Announcement

Bell Star 360Fly Smart Helmet Announcement

Posted by Mike Werner on Jan 6th 2016

Record Your Motorcycle Ride With Your Special Bell Helmet In 4K VR and 360°

Many of us bikers record our memorable motorcycle rides using cameras bolted to our helmets or bikes. Usually cameras like GoPro, Garmin or others; they do the trick handsomely. High Def, full color, high speed (so you can do SloMo) and very portable and obviously rainproof. But they miss something; 360° view.

The latest tech-craze is Virtual Reality (VR), allowing you to look at a video all around. You select where you want to look, left, right, in front or behind. Get one of those Google Card-box VR vision boxes (or the upcoming and more expensive Oculus Rift), put it over your Android phone and look at the video 360°.

So not only the front view of your motorcycle, but the sides as twigs and branches pass you by, or the bikers who are following you. It makes so much more interesting visioning of videos, don't you agree?

Well, you'll be able to do this, and all that in luscious 4K, ie Extreme High Definition. Bell Helmets have inked a deal with camera manufacturer 360fly to market several of their helmets with the 360fly camera.

The 3sphere shaped 60fly camera, as the name implies, has 360° vision (which can be turned off if you want a “normal” video), but the camera is also equipped with a GPS allowing you to record your position, a barometer/altimeter and an accelerometer.

Bell is placing the camera on their Bell Star helmets, usable for circuit racing and the Bell Moto 9 Flex for off-road riding. They're also placing them on the Super 2R (mountain biking) and Giro for snow mobiles. You can communicate with the camera in real-time using either Wifi or Bluetooth.

The camera can be detached, so you can place it on a drone or on your motorcycle.

The future will see the camera and subsequent Bell helmet become more intelligent; it can alert you when it senses an imminent collision, and can even live stream the video onto the internet. But that's the future, not yet available.

The special helmets are not yet available, expect deliveries in a few months. No price has been communicated, as of yet. Stay tuned.

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