Best Motorcycle Gear For Long Trips

Best Motorcycle Gear For Long Trips

Posted by Team Motorcycle on Dec 9th 2023

Motorcyclists planning their first long-distance trip need the appropriate gear to stay comfortable and safe. Your motorcycle may get you there, but with the right accessories for extended rides, you can stay energized, without risking your safety. The open road is calling, so ensure you have the essential gear for a successful motorcycle adventure.

From a high-quality helmet and protective jacket to padded gloves, sturdy boots, a GPS device, and a well-designed saddlebag to store it all, having the right gear can make the difference between the trip of a lifetime and one you end up regretting. Use this guide to help you choose the best motorcycle gear for your upcoming cross-country trek and enjoy the ride. The road awaits!

Best Protective Motorcycle Gear for Long Rides

Investing in quality protective gear is essential for a safe and enjoyable ride. Make sure to purchase a helmet, gloves, a jacket, pants, and boots for motorcycling. Also, remember to bring an emergency kit in case of any unexpected issues.


A helmet is the most important safety equipment for any motorcyclist, especially on long rides. Look for a DOT-certified helmet that meets equivalent safety standards with a sturdy chin strap and padding. A full-face helmet provides the most protection.

HJC IS-Cruiser Half Helmet

Conquer long rides with confidence and comfort in this versatile helmet. Its lightweight, Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell, crafted with precision, provides a snug fit without weighing you down. Say goodbye to the squinting sun – the integrated smoke-tinted SunShield deploys and retracts effortlessly, while the plush, moisture-wicking Nylex interior keeps you cool and dry, mile after mile.

This helmet isn't just stylish, it's safe, meeting or exceeding D.O.T. standards for worry-free rides. So, pack your bags, strap on this trusty companion, and hit the open road – your long-distance adventures await.


A motorcycle jacket and pants, ideally made of abrasion-resistant materials like leather or reinforced textiles, can prevent road rash in the event of an accident. For maximum coverage, choose a jacket and pants that zip together. Padding at the shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees provides extra impact protection.

Men Premium Cowhide Cafe Racer Leather Motorcycle Jacket Pants

This motorcycle jacket has various features that make it functional and fashionable. It comes with a quilted zip-out liner and vents on the chest, back, and arms for easy wear. The zippered sleeves with snap enclosures, plus two front zip pockets and two internal snap pockets, ensure ample storage options.

The jacket is made from 100% cowhide leather, providing maximum durability. It also includes multiple pockets, making carrying important documents or personal items easy. The jacket offers comfort, style, and functionality, including a full zip-out lining, Euro collar, front zip-up closure, vents on the back and front, and zippered cuffs.


Durable motorcycle pants are essential for both protection and comfort during rides. Seek pants crafted from solid materials like reinforced textile or leather, featuring built-in armour around the knees and hips for impact protection. Go for a proper fit that allows ease of movement while ensuring safety on the road.

Vance Leather Insulated Pants Style Biker Motorcycle Chaps

The Vance Leather VL806S All Season Black Zip-Out Insulated Pants Style Biker Motorcycle Chaps offer superior quality and durability. Made of top-grain buffalo leather, they have an adjustable front belt and lace back for a customized fit. The classic jean-style pockets on both sides provide added convenience. Inner thigh stretch panels ensure optimal fit and comfort, making them ideal for long rides.


Well-fitting motorcycle gloves protect your hands while allowing you to control your bike correctly. Look for gloves made of leather or a similar durable, abrasion-resistant material with padding over the knuckles and finger joints.

Men Black Biker Motorcycle Double Strap Leather

The Vance GL2068 Men's Black Biker Motorcycle Leather Gloves are a top choice for long rides due to their sturdy build and brilliant design. Crafted from durable leather, these gloves offer strong protection while ensuring a comfortable fit. The double strap feature secures the gloves firmly and allows for a customizable fit, preventing discomfort during prolonged rides. Their biker-specific design prioritizes both style and functionality, making them a reliable companion for long journeys on the road.


Sturdy motorcycle boots protect your feet, ankles, and legs. Boots should be over the ankle, with slip-resistant soles, ankle protection, and a thick heel. Consider boots with toe, arch, and shin guards for maximum coverage.

Highway 21 Journeyman Motorcycle Riding Boots

These motorcycle boots are packed with features that provide style and functionality. They are made of full-grain premium leather, ensuring durability and a premium look. The boots also feature Sympatex waterproof technology, making them windproof, waterproof, and breathable, so your feet stay comfortable in any weather. The Poron XRD ankle protectors on the lateral and medial sides offer excellent protection.

The Vibram sole is slip-resistant and durable and absorbs shocks, providing a secure grip and reducing fatigue on long rides. The boots also have a gusseted tongue for added weather protection and a perforated insole for maximum breathability. The reinforced toe and heel box offer support and impact protection. Overall, these boots are designed to enhance your riding experience with their top-notch features.

Additional Gear:

Other helpful gear includes rain suits, thermal layers, neck warmers, and anything to make long hours in the saddle more comfortable. Remember essential tools and emergency equipment like a tire repair kit, necessary tools, a first aid kit, emergency blankets, a flashlight, duct tape, zip ties, and an essential toolkit.

Black Extra Large 2-Piece Motorcycle Travel Touring Sissy Bar Bag

This motorcycle sissy bag is a must-have for long rides. Its spacious interior with an adjustable shelf and large full-size openings on each side allows easy access to inside cargo even when the bag is still mounted on the motorcycle. It features lockable zippers for added security and hard-lined construction that maintains the bags' shape. The fully adjustable mounting rig attaches to any sissy bar. Once adjusted, it never needs adjustment again, making it easy to mount and use.

The bag also includes a top roll bag for extra cargo capacity with shoulder straps and cargo straps that can mount the roll bag or strap down extra gear such as a jacket, rain gear, or sweatshirt. Other features like the top carrying handle, detachable backpack straps, and shoulder strap make it easy to tote. Accented with leather-looking panels, this bag is constructed from heavy, durable denier nylon thread that is UV-protected, water and weather-resistant, and made to last. The rain cover ensures your belongings are safe and dry in inclement weather.

You'll be ready for adventure on the open road with the proper protective motorcycle gear and emergency equipment. Safe travels!

Packing Light - Choose Versatile Riding Apparel

Packaging light and versatile riding gear is essential for long motorcycle trips.

Base layers

Base layers that wick away moisture and provide insulation are a must. Synthetic materials like polyester or nylon are good options. For hot weather, pack a lightweight base layer. For cold weather, choose a midweight base layer and consider thermal undergarments.

Jacket and pants

A lightweight riding jacket and riding pants should handle most weather conditions. Look for abrasion-resistant materials with armor pads at impact points. Pack a waterproof riding jacket and pants or a rain suit for rain. Pack insulated layers, heated gear, balaclava, gloves, and thick socks for cold weather.

Pack summer and winter riding gloves. For summer, choose perforated leather or textile gloves. For winter, choose insulated and waterproof gloves. Likewise, pack summer riding boots along with insulated winter boots.

Additional items

Don’t forget a helmet, protective eyewear, scarf, neck warmer, hoodie, tools, tire repair kit, phone charger, and wet wipes. Pack heavy items like tools in hard saddlebags, not a backpack.

Following these tips will allow you to pack versatile and minimal gear for long motorcycle trips in various weather conditions. Focus on lightweight, multipurpose items that can be layered as needed. Your back and bike will thank you for traveling light. Safe travels!

Must-Have Accessories to Improve Comfort

Several accessories can significantly improve your comfort and experience for long motorcycle trips.

Seat Pad

A gel seat pad or air cushion can help relieve pressure points during extended time in the saddle. Look for a pad designed for motorcycles that securely attaches to your seat. Popular brands like Airhawk and Coleman make highly-rated gel pads and cushions.


Add a windshield or fairing to deflect wind and weather. For cruisers and touring bikes, a full fairing provides the most protection. Sport bikes can use a smaller windshield to divert windblast from your chest and head. Either option reduces fatigue from constant wind resistance and keeps you drier in the rain.

Handlebar Mitts

Handlebar mitts, also known as hippo hands, shield your hands from cold, rain, and wind. They easily attach to your handlebars and allow full control and grip access. Waterproof, insulated mitts are ideal for winter riding. Lighter, vented versions can make long rides more pleasant on cool days.


Hard or soft luggage lets you securely pack essential gear for your trip. Waterproof bags protect clothing and supplies from the elements. Hard cases offer the most security but can limit storage space. Soft luggage tends to hold more but provides less protection. Either style should have sturdy straps or mounts to fasten the bags to your motorcycle.

These valuable additions will make your next long-distance ride safer and more enjoyable. Reduced windblast and strategically placed padding minimize discomfort from extended time on your bike. Weather-resistant gear protects you and your supplies from the elements so you can focus on the journey ahead.

Bottom Line

As you plan for your long motorcycle adventure, invest in high-quality gear to keep you safe and comfortable for the long haul. You'll be ready to hit the open road without worries with the right helmet, jacket, gloves, boots, luggage, and other essentials.

While the initial cost may seem high, quality gear is worth it for the enhanced protection, durability, and comfort. And when you're hundreds of miles from home, you'll appreciate having gear you can count on. With the wind in your face and miles of road ahead, you'll be ready for the ride of a lifetime. The destination may be thrilling, but with the right gear for your long motorcycle trip, the journey will be unforgettable.