Biker fatalities by the numbers and states

Biker fatalities by the numbers and states

Posted by Ben Baker on Sep 4th 2017

Florida ranks at the top for the most dangerous states for people on two wheels.

The Governors Highway Safety Association 2017 report is out and it looks at motorcycle deaths. It is based on 2015 information.

But where are you most likely to become a statistic and the honoree at a memorial ride? In other words, where are you most likely to die in the saddle?


On the Island Paradise, 26 percent of all traffic deaths were bikers. That's up 4 percent since the last report.

In second place, Connecticut with 22 percent of traffic deaths being bikers. It shares that spot with Nevada. Hold your helmet. Connection dropped 17 percent. Nevada was down 11 percent

Next in line is Colorado, Florida and Rhode Island at 19 percent. Colorado was up 13 percent. The Sunshine State was up 22 percent. Rhode Island actually dropped 10 percent.

The US average is 14 percent.


So where are you least likely to become a news story? Take your pick between Mississippi and North Dakota.

Maine and Alabama are 8 percent each. Before you get excited, Maine was up 182 percent, more than double the next in the list, Vermont at a 71 percent rise. Alabama was up by 1 percent.

Nebraska and Oklahoma are 9 percent. Oklahoma fatalities were up 45 percent. Nebraska was up 30 percent.


Too many of us need to learn when to park it. Looking at another stat, the number of bikers killed who had blood alcohol content levels of .08 (legal DUI) or more is holding pretty steady over the years according to a Crash Stats report from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

One is too many. Pass the keys brothers.

Overall, the percent of biker deaths as part of overall traffic fatalities has risen since 1990 from 7 percent to 14 percent today.