BMW's New High-Tech Motorcycle and Helmet – Lasers and HUD

BMW's New High-Tech Motorcycle and Helmet – Lasers and HUD

Posted by Mike Werner on Jan 5th 2016

BMW introduced at the CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, in Las Vegas their latest technology for motorcyclists. BMW have always been at the leading edge of technology advances, both for their cars and their motorcycles, so it's no surprise.

Helmet Technology

BMW are adding Heads Up Display (HUD) technology to their helmets. Although it's still experimental, it's a sure sign of things to come. Already a few manufacturers are offering HUD technology for motorcycle helmets, but seeing a mainstream one coming with a prototype is a sign that it's around the corner.

The BMW HUD involves an eye piece that is placed over one eye, showing you important information, like speed, RPM, gear engaged and even traffic or navigational information.

Much as with fighter pilots, important information is shown in the HUD, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road. Safety first.

No information is available when or whether the BMW HUD will hit the road (pun intended) but it should be in a year or three.

Lasers On Your Motorcycle

No, BMW is not going to equip your bike with lasers so that you can shoot down that SUV that cut you off.

BMW are using the technology they developed for their cars, allowing lasers inside your headlights to penetrate into the darkness.

The BMW K1600 GTL is used as testing laboratory, and hopefully we'll see the technology used on other bikes.

The laser lights can cut through some 600 meters/2000 feet into the darkness. So you can anticipate objects in the dark far faster than you would with traditional lights.

Currently you can see the laser technology used on the BMW Series 7 and i8 cars. The technology is expensive at this moment, but BMW are hoping that advances in lasers will make these lights available on motorcycles over the next few years.