Choosing the Best Mesh Motorcycle Jackets for 2024

Choosing the Best Mesh Motorcycle Jackets for 2024

Posted by Team Motorcycle on May 21st 2024

You're getting your bike prepped for the new riding season, but you haven't replaced that old leather jacket yet. Leather's so yesterday. It's time you looked into the best mesh motorcycle jackets.

Mesh is where it's at for airflow and comfort. We've checked out the top brands and models to pick the ones offering maximum protection along with that cooling airflow.

We'll go over all the options from light and flexible to heavy-duty, help you find the right fit, and give tips on the best features to look for. You'll be geared up for the road in no time in a mesh motorcycle jacket that perfectly suits your style and needs.

Why Choose a Mesh Motorcycle Jacket?

A mesh motorcycle jacket is best suited to enjoy the bike ride in summer because of its airy design. In comparison with leather or textile jackets, it is more effective since mesh fabric offers adequate ventilation and high breathability that keeps the rider comfortable during warm weather.

Maximum Breathability

The material used in the construction of the mesh is fairly light and lets air through to avoid overheating while still providing skin coverage.

The mesh material used on the jackets is porous and has small holes so that as you ride, cool air can pass through the jacket. The generous airflow will prevent overheating so you can enjoy the journey.

Protection Without the Heat

Even though mesh is highly breathable, it still offers abrasion resistance in a crash. Many mesh jackets have reinforced panels or pockets for optional armor inserts at the elbows, shoulders, and back. The mesh material protects you from wind and debris while riding, all without making you feel like you're baking in an oven.

Comfortable Fit

Mesh motorcycle jackets are designed to feel light and airy. They fit comfortably to your body without feeling constricting. The ventilation and moisture-wicking properties of the mesh also help prevent discomfort from sweating. For hot weather riding, a mesh motorcycle jacket simply can’t be beaten for comfort.

So if you want to stay cool and comfortable while enjoying the thrill of the ride this summer, a high-quality mesh motorcycle jacket is a must-have. The ventilation, protection, and comfort mesh provides will make all the difference on hot days.

What to look for in Mesh Motorcycle Jackets

While selecting the mesh motorcycle jacket, one should look for breathability and protection for the comfort while riding and safety concerns respectively. Look for durable fabrics, CE-recognized protection and possibility to adjust the size to get the highest efficiency and protection.


The first aspect that needs to be looked into is the level of ventilation of the jacket. Especially, look for the mesh panels in the heat areas such as the chest, arms and back region. The more mesh, the better the flow of air. But also check that the mesh is tightly woven - you want maximum breathability with minimal drag.


Just because it’s mesh doesn’t mean it can’t protect you. Try to find CE approved armor certification in the shoulders, elbows, and back. Some jackets also have pockets for back protectors, although these can be considered as optional accessories.

Ballistic nylon or polyester mesh panels offer an impact shield in such areas. Look for jackets with abrasion-resistant patches in those zones that experience high loads.


While mesh provides ventilation, it needs reinforcement. Look for jackets that use 600-denier nylon panels on the shoulders, elbows and trim. Leather panels also improve durability and protection. And double or triple stitching, especially at major seams, prevents premature wear and tear.


Other useful features to consider include adjustable straps to customize the fit, reflective trim for visibility, multiple pockets for storage and a liner for cooler weather. The best mesh jackets combine maximum airflow with premium protection and are built to last many riding seasons. With the right jacket, you'll stay cool and safe all summer long.

Best Mesh Motorcycle Jackets For 2024

Check out the latest mesh motorcycle jackets available on Team Motorcycle for 2024. These jackets offer advanced technology, excellent ventilation, and strong protection to make your riding experience safer and more comfortable.

Icon Men's Mesh AF Motorcycle Jacket

The Icon’s Mesh AF CE jacket allows you to stay cool and protected even in hot weather. Its strong Iron Weave mesh design provides excellent airflow while offering CE-certified impact and abrasion protection.

Inside, it features D3O® impact protectors on the shoulders, elbows, and back for added safety. The jacket also includes reflective trim for better visibility and adjustable arm straps for a perfect fit. Made from durable 300D polyester and equipped with reliable YKK zippers, this jacket combines comfort, protection, and style for a complete riding experience.

Vance Womens High Visibility Mesh Motorcycle Riding Jacket

The Vance Women's High Visibility Mesh Motorcycle Riding Jacket is designed for comfort and protection. Its mesh shell provides excellent airflow, while the removable thermal liner lets you adapt to any weather.

The jacket features C.E. rated protectors for the shoulders and elbows, and you can customize the back protection with a removable pad and optional C.E. protector pocket. It offers ample storage with multiple pockets and includes features for a perfect fit and enhanced visibility in low-light conditions.

Vance Mens All Weather Season CE Armor Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

The Vance Men's All Weather Season CE Armor Mesh Motorcycle Jacket combines durability and comfort with its 500 denier textile fabric and airflow mesh panels. It includes a removable thermal liner for all-weather adaptability and C.E.-rated protectors for shoulder and elbow protection.

Customize your back protection with a removable pad and optional pocket. Convenient storage includes two outer pockets, a concealed carry pocket, and an internal zippered pocket, plus a dedicated pocket for audio devices. The jacket offers adjustable sleeve length, an adjustable waistband, and reflective details for visibility, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit in any condition.

Mens Hi Vis All Weather Season CE Armor Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

The Men's Hi Vis All Weather Season CE Armor Mesh Motorcycle Jacket offers excellent ventilation with its mesh shell and includes a removable thermal liner for any weather.

It has C.E. rated shoulder and elbow protectors and a removable back protector pad. With ample storage, including multiple pockets, and a dedicated pocket for audio devices, it provides convenience. Adjustable sleeve length, waistband, reflective piping, and dual button snap adjustments on the arms provide a perfect fit and improved visibility.

Joe Rocket Velocity Mens Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

The Joe Rocket Velocity Men's Mesh Motorcycle Jacket features a FreeAir™ mesh shell for excellent airflow and a quick-release, removable waterproof liner.

It includes contoured shoulder and elbow armor, a removable spine pad with an optional C.E. armor pocket, and high-density rib padding. The 6-point SureFit™ system ensures a custom fit.

The jacket also includes two outside pockets, one inside pocket, an extended back, belt loops for pant attachment, and a reflective stripe for visibility.

How to Care for Your Mesh Motorcycle Jackets

Proper care for your mesh motorcycle jacket involves regular cleaning and maintenance to extend its lifespan and guarantee maximum performance.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The mesh motorcycle jacket, like any other clothing material, needs some level of maintenance to ensure that it is in good shape at all times. It is advisable to hand wash or wash on a delicate cycle with cold water and mild soap.

Do not use bleach or fabric softener as these items can harm the mesh panels and the waterproof coating. Please do not tumble dry and let it air dry in an area not exposed to direct sunlight. When dealing with hard-to-remove stains, first, pre-wash the area and then, follow the instructions given on the care label.


Many mesh jackets are designed to have a water-resistant layer that can protect the wearer from light rain and moisture. After some time, this coating may not be as effective as before. It is recommended to re-waterproof your jacket every few months or if the water starts soaking through.

Use a waterproofing spray, following the directions on the product to re-coat the entire jacket including zippers, velcro closures and seams.


When not in use, store your mesh jacket in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Avoid compressing the jacket for long periods. Stuff it with tissue to retain its shape. If storing long-term, consider using breathable storage bags. Before riding season, re-treat your jacket with waterproofing spray and test all features like zippers to ensure everything is functioning properly.

Properly caring for your mesh motorcycle jacket will help maximize comfort, protection and longevity. Inspect it regularly for any damage or wear and tear and repair or replace it as needed. With some basic maintenance, your jacket can keep you riding comfortably for years to come.

How Should a Mesh Motorcycle Jacket Fit?

A mesh motorcycle jacket that fits properly will keep you comfortable and safe. Look for a jacket that feels snug but still allows free movement.

Chest and torso

The jacket should fit close to your chest without feeling restrictive. You want it loose enough to still allow for layers underneath but not so loose that it’s baggy. For the best protection, the jacket should cover your entire torso.


The sleeves should extend past your wrists when your arms are at your sides. When riding, the sleeves should still cover your wrists even when your arms are extended. Sleeves that are too short won’t protect your arms in a crash.


The jacket should fit comfortably around your waist without sagging or gaping. Adjustable waist straps or belt loops can help you customize the fit. A jacket that’s too loose around the waist won’t stay in place properly while riding.


For maximum coverage, the jacket should extend down to at least the top of your thighs. A longer jacket, especially in the back, will help keep wind and rain from riding up under the jacket.

The most important thing is that the jacket feels comfortable while allowing you free range of motion so you can safely operate your motorcycle. Take your time and try on multiple sizes and styles to find a jacket that checks all the boxes for fit and safety. Your jacket is your primary protection, so getting one that fits well is worth the effort.

Mesh Motorcycle Jackets FAQs

Are mesh jackets safe?

Mesh jackets offer breathability and comfort for warm-weather riding, but some riders worry about protection. Quality mesh jackets have impact-resistant armor in key areas like the shoulders, elbows, and back to help prevent injury in a crash.

The mesh panels themselves won’t provide much abrasion resistance, so look for a jacket with durable panels in high-impact zones. With the right protective features, a mesh jacket can absolutely be a safe choice for summer riding.

Do I need a waterproof mesh jacket?

Mesh jackets are designed primarily for airflow, not water resistance. However, some jackets offer waterproof pockets or removable waterproof liners which can be useful in light rain. For heavy rain, it’s best to have a separate waterproof jacket. If riding in wet weather is a priority, you may want to consider a textile jacket with waterproof mesh panels, which provides more all-weather functionality.

How do I care for a mesh motorcycle jacket?

To keep your mesh jacket in good shape, follow these tips:

  • Hand wash the jacket in cold water with a mild detergent. Never machine wash or dry the jacket, as this can damage the mesh and armor.
  • Air dry the jacket away from direct heat. Placing it in the shade will help the mesh retain its shape as it dries.
  • Treat any stains before washing. For heavy stains like oil or grease, use a degreaser. Lighter stains can often be lifted with detergent and a scrub brush.
  • Inspect and repair or replace damaged mesh or armor panels when needed. Small tears or holes in the mesh can be repaired with mesh tape, but large damage will require panel replacement.
  • Re-waterproof the jacket if it has a removable waterproof liner. Follow the directions to reapply the waterproofing treatment.
  • • Avoid heavily bleaching or softening the jacket, as these chemicals can damage the mesh, logos, and armor.

    Following these care tips will help ensure your mesh motorcycle jacket lasts for many comfortable rides to come.