Crazy Motorcycle Laws From Around The World

Crazy Motorcycle Laws From Around The World

Posted by Mike Werner on Dec 14th 2016

You got to admit it… we live in a crazy world, and even the city 1 mile down the road can have strange and different laws than the ones you are used to. So you can imagine how the laws are in different countries on the other side of the globe.

Here are but a few of these crazy or weird laws for riding motorcycles. We’ll ignore normal laws, even if they have differences (like speed limits, lane splitting, etc). Especially check out the one from the United Kingdom, my favorite.


It’s illegal to ride with your headlight on during the daytime. While many countries make it mandatory, in Cambodia it’s illegal.




  You are not allowed to stand while riding. It’s something that is done often enough while riding long distance, stand to stretch your legs, but do it here and you’ll be fined.

  In fact, I know several countries can make this an issue if the police officer is having a bad day.


It’s illegal to stop for those pesky pedestrians who are trying to cross the road. Looks like you’ll need to just run them down. But you don’t get any game points..

Costa Rica


Believe it or not, you are allowed to drink and ride. Yup, have a beer while riding is legal, as long as you are not drunk. The limit is 0.75 percent, and if you are over the limit, off to jail you go (but maybe you are allowed to hold on to your beer).


It’s illegal to flip off drivers on the road. Not the fact of sticking out your finger towards the driver, or even a fist, but it’s the fact that you don’t have 2 hands on the handlebars that will get you fined.


2 breathalyzers must be with you always. Although this is officially a law, they cannot fine you if you don’t have them. In other words, why even bother making it a law, unless it’s a way for politicians to show that they did something for their salary.

A yellow florescent vest must be in your motorcycle or on you. You don’t need to wear it, but if you break down alongside the road, you MUST wear it. Your pillion can go to hell… they don’t need one.


Those Autobahns are fantastic! No speed limit (though several have gotten speed limits now), so blast away as fast as you dare. But….. don’t run out of gas! Because if you do and need to pull over, you will be fined. There are always plenty of gas stations along the motorway, so if you run out, it’s your fault, and you need to pay the fine.


You need to have two hands on the handlebars at all times. Even if you are riding a bike with cruise control, you’ll need to keep your hands on the handlebars.


If you park illegally, the police can take away …. not your motorcycle but your license plate. Smoking, even just plain cigarettes, is illegal while riding. And if you are thinking about smoking some grass while riding… you’re in serious trouble.


In several parts of India, only the rider must wear a helmet. The pillion can be without one.


Women are not allowed to ride astride on motorcycles on the Lhokseumawe/Aceh district. Strangely enough, women are allowed to ride “amazon” when riding themselves.

Women are also not allowed to hold onto the male rider for support.
In the same area, couples are not allowed to ride together if they are not married. The ban only applies to Muslim couples.


It’s illegal to ride pillion with a biker who is drunk. Apart from that it’s stupid to do so, you will get fined if the biker is stopped.


It’s illegal to ride through a puddle of water on the road that results in splashing pedestrians. Bummer, there goes all the fun… no sense of humor.


Like its bigger neighbor Spain, if you need prescription glasses or contact lenses to ride, you need to ring a spare set with you.


Keep your motorcycle clean or face a fine. I actually presume that the bike can be dirty as long as the license plate is readable, so they can fine you.

Saudi Arabia

Women are not allowed to ride (or drive). The religious folks there think it’s bad for women to ride, they could become barren.

Close to the religious capital, Mecca, the motorways have “MUSLIM ONLY” lanes. Even if you are riding with a Muslim, you both must take the other lanes.


If you are in the unlucky position that requires you to ride motorcycle with glasses, you need to have a spare set on you. If you get stopped and they see you are riding with glasses (prescription), they’ll ask to see your spare set. That goes for contact lenses as well.
Intercoms are also not allowed in Spain. Those handy devices that allow you to talk to your pillion or riding buddy are illegal. Probably because these devices can interface with your mobile phone, and that is totally illegal in Spain.

South Africa

If a herder signals that the herd is going to cross the road, you must stop. Unless you want to ride through a herd of cows or sheep.


If you need prescription glasses or contact lenses to ride, you need to ring a spare set with you.


Even in the midst of a heatwave, you must at all time wear a shirt.


Another one for the books… it’s illegal in London to have sex on a parked motorcycle. I’d guess that it’s legal to have sex while riding, but officially when your bike is parked, you are not allowed to have sex. If I remember correctly, this law dates back to WWII.

United Arab Emirates

Camels have the right of way. Not that I’d hesitate one moment for not stopping before such a big and heavy animal.




  Believe it or not, it’s in the law! You are not allowed to ride blindfolded. Honest.



  It’s illegal to possess motorcycle theft tools. Although most tools can be used to steal a motorcycle, particularly “pigtails” but also bolt cutters are a no-no.



  In Idaho Falls, it’s illegal to ride a motorcycle if you are older than 88 years old. 87 is okay (maybe if 88 year olds have written permission of their parents, it could be allowed).



  You are by law required to wear pants when riding a motorcycle. You also need to wear protective clothing, like helmet, gloves etc, but pants are something mentioned specially. So no shorts or bikinis.



  If you are carrying a pillion, your motorcycle needs to be equipped with footpegs and a handhold.



  Batman is illegal on a motorcycle in Virginia. Or to be precise, it’s illegal to wear a disguise or mask. Sorry Batman.

  If you are riding towards the city limits with crime on your mind, you need to stop and phone the police chief. Huh?