Gaerne Boots Review

Gaerne Boots Review

Posted by Team Motorcycle on May 3rd 2016

I recently did a review of the Gaerne Balance Oiled Off-Road boots, and I received a few emails about the other Gaerne boots, the Gaerne Balance Pro-Tech Boots. Mostly people would like to know what the differences are.

Apart from the price, the differences can be found in the leather. The Pro-Tech has stiffer leathers, making moving around with the boots a bit more difficult than the Oiled Boots. In other words, the Oiled Boots are more supple, they bend better because of the quality leathers used. Not that the leathers used in the Pro-tech are shabby; the contrary is true. They are first class leather, but thicker and not so supple. Also, the Oiled Boots are waterproof, or at the least rainproof.

In the end it's a question of taste and of usage. I did a trail motorcycle ride using the Pro-Tech and I had no problems. I am pretty big and strong, so my feet had not problem moving around. Foothold was more than perfect, the soles make it very difficult for your feet to slip and the thick leather allow your ankles to remain firm. As far as the comfort-factor goes, these boots can be used all day long without any problems. Since they're not waterproof, they breathe much easier.

On the “downside”, going through a few stream and small rivers, my feet became damp. Not wet, but damp, but in the long run this can become uncomfortable. Compared to some other boots I've tried, it's not that bad.

Remember that these, like the Oiled Boots, are not motocross boots. These are everyday riding boots that can be used for street riding and for trail riding. They are also quite well suited for wearing in the workplace, as long as your place of work is “casual”, but I wouldn't go for a marathon walk in them.

As boots go, those are top-notch and very affordable. You'll get years of pleasure out of them.

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