How Far Does The Motorcycle Funerals Go?

How Far Does The Motorcycle Funerals Go?

Posted by Mike Werner on Jul 17th 2017

We’ve seen many companies over the last decade or so offer burial services to motorcycle riders that include a last ride in a motorcycle hearse.

They take a motorcycle, and either place the coffin on a sidecar or drag a hearse behind it (like in the old Wild West days, a horse pulling a hearse).

Now, one biker is going to go a step further. An 89-year-old Pennsylvania biker names Arthur Werner Sr. (no, no relation to me) was so in love with his 1990 Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail with sidecar that he decided he wanted to get buried with it.

Heintzelman Funeral Home in Hellertown, a funeral home with three motorcycle hearses (one of them featured on the Orange County Chopper reality TV program), accepted the challenge.

Last month Werner Sr. passed away, and as per his wishes, he was transported to the cemetery on one of the motorcycle hearses, and then BURIED with his sidecar.

Image the enormous hole they had to dig to accommodate the sidecar.

Pretty amazing, and what a beautiful way to go…. But would you want to get buried with your motorcycle? Or is this a bit like the Pharaohs of the Egyptian pyramids?

Source: Lehigh Valley Live