How to fold Chaps for easy storage

How to fold Chaps for easy storage

Posted by Team Motorcycle on Jul 12th 2016

Attention all of my motorcycle riders out there that love wearing motorcycle chaps! This article will provide step by step instructions so you can easily store your chaps when you are not on your motorcycle. This method of storing chaps is so simple, that after you do it once or twice you will be an expert and all of your buddies will be asking, “How did you do that?” This is an 8 step process, and it will allow you to pack your chaps tightly and allow for more room in your saddlebags, backpack, or whatever you use to store your items when you go on a ride.
Step 1
  Unzip and lay chaps flat, leather side out.

Step 2
  Fold down the waist area to make a straight line across the top.

Step 3
  Fold the left side over 1/3 of the way.

Step 4
  Fold Right Side under so the buttons are on the bottom.

Step 5
  Rotate the chaps to prepare for the fold final steps.

Step 6
  Fold over the right side of the chaps 1/3 of the way.

Step 7
  Fold over and tuck the left side 1/3 bringing the snaps in line with each other.

Step 8
  Snap the buttons together and your chaps are ready to put away without taking much space.