Motorcycle Gear For Children

Motorcycle Gear For Children

Posted by Team Motorcycle on May 1st 2016

Kids usually get the best-of-the-best. Special food, clothes, toys – you name it. It's not that children are all spoiled, it's because they need good materials. Kids are still growing and we need to ensure that we accompany the growth properly.
This goes not only equally when these children ride motorcycle, it goes double so. If a kid shows an interest in riding a motorcycle, great! First of all, they need to initiate the move, do not ever force them to. If a kid doesn't want to ride, then let it be. But if they do like riding a motorcycle, like most children will, then applaud and be happy.
But a kid that rides a motorcycle needs to be looked after very carefully. If the kid falls, which will happen, it is rarely life threatening since children's motorcycles don't go fast. But like in any activity (tree climbing, fence jumping, dog wrestling, etc), a kid that falls stands a bigger risk of having problems when they reach adulthood. Bones and their heads are more fragile, so breaking them or bending them can result in problems in the future.
A kid that learns to ride a motorcycle at an early age, will reduce risks of an accident when they reach adulthood and start riding bigger and faster motorcycles. It's why you see that most motorcycle race stars all started riding when they were very young.
For that, you really need to believe in the ATGATT (All The Gear, All The Time) principle when it involves your children. You may not ride with full gear, that's fine, you are an adult. But your children should be protected at all times. This obviously also should be applied when your kid rides behind you as pillion.
There are two factors at play, one good, one not-so-good when getting gear for your kids. The good one is that today there is a lot of choice. You can get great gear for boys and girls. Style, color and brands are a plenty. There is a lot of choice.
The not-so-good factor is that kids grow. This means you'll be shopping regularly for them, like every year. So when you buy stuff, be smart.
Have a look at the cute video below. It will give you a good idea about the types of children's gear.

Unless your kid choses to ride off-road, get them full face helmets. Full face, also known as integral helmets, offer the best protection. Have a look here to see what is available.

You will see that the prices for kid's helmets has nothing to do with the equivalent adult helmets. So they are not going to break the (piggy) bank, but will prevent your offspring from breaking a head or two.
And remember, only buy helmets that are DOT approved!!
Jackets should be comfortable, not too large. So don't think you can save money by buying a jacket that is a size too large, since if something happens, the jacket is going to slip off, offering no protection. But don't keep you kid in a jacket that is too tight. You do want the kid to breath and feel comfortable.
Kid's Apparel

If you click here, you will find other gear for your children. The type of gear will depend entirely on your kid's motorcycle activity.
If she/he likes riding off-road get protective gear; chest, knees and back protectors. Obviously in the interest of total protection, you should get this kind of gear even if the kid doesn't ride off-road, but many parents don't. If you kid likes racing on a track, get similar protection since these bikes tend to be faster.
Gloves are important as well. They need to protect the kid's fragile hands and fingers.
Sturdy boots are a must for any kind of riding. Click here to see some motorcycle boots for kids. There is also a video there that shows you how to get the right size.
Whatever motorcycle riding discipline your kid wants to do, rejoice and help them on their way. Make sure they are well protected, and get the best riding education. Be proud (and often worried) parents. Just remember, your child will learn the proper way to ride motorcycles, something that will benefit them in years to come. And can you imagine the true bliss: going for a ride with your son or daughter, each on their own bike. I can't imagine anything nicer.
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