Dealing With Tailgaters

Dealing With Tailgaters

Posted by Mike Werner on Jan 12th 2016

Don’t you hate it, cars that are driving so close to you that you can smell the engine’s oil? Not only is it illegal for cars to do this, it’s very, very, dangerous. Even if you lightly tap your brakes, the car is going to plow into you. And it serves no purpose.

Here are a few things to take into account the next time a car or truck is riding too close behind you.

Check your speed. You may have slowed down below the traffic speed average, and cars are coming up behind you waiting to pass. You don’t need to start racing, but going the speed most vehicles are doing is a wise move. If the average speed is too high for you, get off the road and find a slower road. I’m not justifying the tailgaters, but your slow speed might just be too dangerous.

Move aside to let them through. If at all possible, move to the side of the lane, and let the car or truck through. This usually solves most tailgating problems; the vehicle just passes and it’s the end of your problem (and it probably becomes someone else’s problem).

Speed. If you are going the correct speed and the tailgater has not overtaken you, slow down. Do it gently, and wave the vehicle through. No need to speed up, gently slow down.

But whatever you do, DO NOT BRAKE CHECK the tailgater. Brake checks are dangerous, and as a motorcyclist, you are at the losing end. It’s a dumb and dangerous move that will get you into trouble. Maybe the law will be on your side, but tell that to the hospital emergency doctors.

Keep your temper in check. Although tailgaters are annoying (and dangerous), you must keep your temper in check. Getting angry will make you do stupid things, and remember, you are the fragile one. One little bump from the tailgater and you’ll be inspecting the scenery up-close and personal.

… and if all fails ….

Move to the side and stop. Just go to the side of the road (if possible), stop and let the idiot pass. You’ll have lost a minute of your time, but you’ll have extended your life.