Need A Watch To Show You Love Motorcycles

Need A Watch To Show You Love Motorcycles

Posted by Mike Werner on Jan 19th 2016

Bikers are a funny bunch. We sit on our beloved motorcycle all day, and when we’re not riding one, we want people to know that we’re passionate about them. We buy t-shirts, jackets, even boots that are clearly marked “motorcycle”, and we wear them when we’re not riding.

So how about this new watch? Yes, I know. It’s past Christmas time, but maybe something to bookmark for next gift giving season.

Azimuth is a Swiss watch manufacturer who makes some very interestingly designed watches. No, not smartwatches as the current fashion trend is dictating, but real mechanical timepieces.

Azimuth make watches fit for casino Kings, spaceship flyers, robot creators and now they have a special watch for motorcycle riders.

Introduced a few weeks ago at the Las Vegas CES show, the SP-1 Crazy Rider watch has a rather unusual shape (something that looks more or less like a motorcycle engine), and inside it, a motorcycle chain and a pair of sprockets. The chain turns around, moving the hour and minute dials. Very unusual!

There is no indication if you can make a motorcycle revving sound when it reaches the full hour, but one thing we do know… it’s BIG: 55 mm (2.1 inches) wide!


Oh yeah, and if you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it. It’s selling currently in a limited number at CHF5250, which translates to around US$5210. The price of a small motorcycle.

Via: Gizmodo