New Motorcycle Blockbuster Movie Coming Up – It’s About The Isle of Man Race

New Motorcycle Blockbuster Movie Coming Up – It’s About The Isle of Man Race

Posted by Mike Werner on Nov 16th 2016

Great news for fans of movies and motorcycles, or better yet, movies about motorcycles. MoreBikes in the UK announced that a movie is being prepared about the mythical and very dangerous motorcycle race, the Isle of Man TT.

But instead of making a “documentary” of this incredible race that has seen some 265 racers die during the race, this is a big budget movie with two really big A-list stars; Matt Damon and Liam Neeson.

Both are stars that have seen a lot of action movies, and Neeson rides motorcycles in real life (he also narrated the motorcycle documentary “Road”). Matt Damon has already been seen riding motorcycles in movies thanks to the Jason Bourne series of movies.

The movie’s plot is about an “older” racer (Damon) who is lured out of retirement to race his final race (sounds a bit like a “Rocky 9” movie… maybe Nicole Winters’ “TT Full Throttle” book “TT Full Throttle” would have been a better fit).

Matt Damon’s stunt double will be none other than Australian TT legend Cameron Donald. The motorcycle Matt Damon will race is also already known; the brand new, just announced, Honda Fireblade. Talk about product placement.

Filming starts next year, so expect the movie the following year (2018). I know I’ll be lining up to buy a ticket when the movie comes to town. Will you??

Picture Credit Jason Bourne Movie: Universal Pictures

Picture Credit Qui-Gon Jinn/Star Wars Movie: LucasFilms/Disney