New Year Resolutions for Bikers

New Year Resolutions for Bikers

Posted by Ben Baker on Dec 28th 2016

With the turning of the year, a lot of people like to make resolutions. Here are some for the riders out there.

Ride more - Get out there and burn some gas and wear out some tires. Find new places and visit old places to see if anything has changed, or not. Ride to work more often.

Clean that ride - It is a pain? Yes. Is it worth it? Yes. Riding and knowing everything is gleaming just makes you sit a little more comfortably in the saddle.

Get those upgrades - Tax refunds are right around the corner. Get those extras you have wanted but never bought.

More charity runs - Everyone needs a hand up at times. Get out there and lend your hand. It’s an excuse to ride and charity does your heart good. Get your cardio on.

Ride something else - If all you’ve ever been on is a Harley, a Honda, a street bike, a cruiser, a dirt bike, then go at least test drive something else. Get on a Sportster. Get on Kawaski off roader. Get on something you have not ridden, or last rode before you had a real driver’s license.

Find a new place to eat - Part of the joy of taking a ride is finding new places to grab grub. Get in the saddle and head out, destination unknown. Set an amount of time to ride. When you hit the time limit, look for a place to eat. Stop. Eat. Repeat as often as necessary.

Learn to work on your ride - Repairing the electronic control module may require a degree in computer engineering, but checking the brakes does not. No matter how complicated your ride is, there are things you can do. If nothing else, learn to change the oil.

Get someone else into riding - You know what it’s like. You know the freedom, the joys of rolling down the highway with no place in particular to be. Now, teach someone else. Become a mentor to a future rider.

Replace your lid - How many times have you dropped your helmet? When was the last time you replaced it? If you didn’t get a new one for Christmas, then get yourself one now.

Join a rights group - The sad fact is, our rights are under attack by legislators who do not care. They see bikes as a hazard and cages as safety. Many groups are fighting for your right to ride. Here are the biggest: The Motorcycle Rights Foundation, The AMA, various state ABATE group - you’ll have to search for ABATE and your state to find a link. For the brothers and sisters in other countries, the Biker Rights International keeps a list of international groups.

Read more about bikes - A lot of rider mags are distributed free these days. You can read a lot online. We’ve got a blog and weekly news and reviews. If there’s something you want to know more about, drop us a line.