Pssst ! Want To Buy A Cheap Ducati Multistrada?

Pssst ! Want To Buy A Cheap Ducati Multistrada?

Posted by Mike Werner on Feb 14th 2017

Ducati make some great motorcycles, and the dual-sport Multistrada is a fine example of this. The motorcycle is very versatile, powerful, fast and looks the business. But this 160 hp adventure seeking motorcycle has one big downside; it’s expensive – US$17,000 to $21,000.

But what to do if you want one just because it looks good riding a Ducati?

Well, Chinese knock-off manufacturer Motrac have been making “copies” of existing popular motorcycles for a while now. But they do a stellar job in the “design” and functions.

Just look at this MX125 bike:


It actually looks good, and more important, it’s pretty cheap. This 125cc bike will cost you US2,790 in the USA. Not bad for a 125cc motorcycle that does not look skinny and weak.

Anyway, back to the Ducati Mutlstrada. The original bike looks fantastic:


Motrac have recently announced their “version”, the MG500:


And what do you know? It does look uncanny like the Multistrada, beak and all. Of course, the engine has nothing to do with the high-performance, high-tech Ducati. With this bike we expect it to use a “copy” of the Honda CB500 engine made by Loncin, delivering a whopping 47 hp (compared to the original 160).

But then we don’t expect it to be any price higher than $7,000. So, you add 50 bucks for some Ducati stickers, place them strategically on the bike and now everyone will think you splurged $20K on a Ducati.

Just don’t fire it up when there are people around, and don’t try to drag race anything over 125cc.

But still… not bad.