Scorpion Stealthpack Jacket Review

Scorpion Stealthpack Jacket Review

Posted by Team Motorcycle on Dec 18th 2019

Scorpion Stealthpack Jacket Is a brilliant stealth pack jacket, stealth pack means there is an actual backpack built into the back of this jacket. It's a very unique feature, one that will take a little bit of getting used to. The backpack is very unique. It can open just a little bit, if you have just a little bit of stuff to store, it can open up far as well. It has a waterproof laptop compartment for carrying laptops up to 15 inches. Now before I dig into those backpack features, let's take a look at the core features, benefits that this jacket has to offer.

When taking the first look at the scorpion stealth pack jacket, you're going to notice a 600 denier polyester material. It’s water resistant material. It has lots of venting there are huge vents that open up on the sides. There are massive vents that opened up in the back as well. Up on the chest, there are two pockets. If you're not using those to store items, you can open these pockets up and they double as chest vents. Under the arms, we have two very large armpit zips. With these open, you're going to have nice armpit ventilation. We have two hand warmer pockets, one on each side and the last pocket that you're going to find on the front of the jacket is going to be on the inside right.
To the back of the jacket, is where things get really interesting. If you take the two zippers from top and pull them all the way down, it’s going to open the rear ventilation with these two massive vents open on the side, we're going to get extreme airflow through this jacket.

The flap at the back with the reflective piping allows you to be able to access the integrated backpack lifting the Velcro tab up with the reflective piping across the top. Anything like a laptop or anything small can be slid right down into the small compartment. Now if there happens to be inclement weather and you want that laptop to be stored in a waterproof compartment in between the external 600 and near the inside of this jacket, there is a waterproof sleeve that opens up and that continues all the way down to the very bottom of the jacket. Pouch is designed to fit up to a 15 inch laptop. If you have a larger load that you want to carry, you can unsnap two snaps on the back side of the jacket and that's going to open the backpack pouch which extends out. It gives up to 20 liters of storage here on the back of your jacket.

There are very light CE-level one rated shoulder and elbow protectors inside the jacket. They're pretty insignificant, so if you're looking to have maximum impact protection, I recommend upgrading this to a level two CE rated armor. You're going to notice there is no back protector included, but there is a zippered pocket right that you can use to put a back protector in if that's something that you would like to do. Something to notice is that there are two long foam strips in the center of the jacket that's going to keep the cargo that you're carrying from pushing up against your back.

If you had a bunch of stuff sitting on your back, you might get sweaty back there. So the straps are designed to keep that cargo off of your back providing maximum air flow. The other thing we're going to find on the inside of the jacket is a small zippered compartment. It is going to be your backpack waist strap. So if you have a heavy load that's going to be bouncing around, you take this waist strap, you're going to buckle it and clench it before you go ahead and zip up the jacket that's going to keep that backpack or the cargo from swinging away from your body while you're riding down the road. Now if you do have a heavier load, you want to make sure that you unsnap that connector before you take your jacket off. Otherwise it's going to flip around backwards and hang kind of funny and be a little hard to get off. I was told that we could put a full face helmet inside this jacket backpack combo.

Now if you often times have to carry things with you and you don't have luggage on your bike and you don't want to carry a backpack, this might be an interesting jacket for you to take a look at. 20 liters of storage space is a lot, and this jacket is equipped to handle it!
Comfort: 9.5/10
Features: 10/10
Style: 10/10
AirFlow: 10/10
Protection & Durability: 8.5/10
As always, take care and ride safe out there.