Smart Motorcycle Gloves – Can It Be True

Smart Motorcycle Gloves – Can It Be True

Posted by Ben Baker on Jun 21st 2017

You got to ask yourself, can your gloves become smart? Well, according to Lab Brothers, they can.

Lab Brothers submitted a crowd-funding project at Kickstarter in order to fund the development of the TurnPoint motorcycle glove; a smart glove.

Their idea was to wirelessly connect the glove to your smartphone, which in its turn has a GPS Map program running.

Instead of having the GPS program on a smartphone (or standalone GPS device) mounted on your handlebars or windshield, requiring you to focus on the device, the TurnPoint glove will tell you when to turn with LED lights built into the glove.


When the glove receives a turn direction (wirelessly via Bluetooth), it will signal that an instruction is coming up by flashing all lights on the dial, then it will light up the distances LED (in other words, how long before you have to turn), followed by an arrow left, right, ahead or back.

So, in other words, the glove warns you that a turn instruction is about to arrive, then it tells you in how many miles you need to turn, and then the direction you’ll need to turn.

Sounds good? Well, I don’t think so. Having a device in front of you with clear and continuous instructions should be far safer than flashing LEDs on your glove at your peripheral vision. You’ll need to lift your gloves to see when and where, and all that while riding in busy traffic. And what to do when you have multiple roads branching out in front of you. There’s no way you can be told to take the 2nd road on the right? And what about roundabouts?

Well, it looks like I’m not the only one who thinks this will not work. The project was not funded, not even close. They were looking for $125,000, and all they got was $2,436.

You can read about the project on Kickstarter by clicking here.

Tell us what you think about this project. Should it have gone live, or where they right to tank it?