Summer Motorcycle Riding Tips

Summer Motorcycle Riding Tips

Posted by Team Motorcycle on Jun 20th 2021

Warm and sunny weather makes summer the best time for motorcycling. Nothing comes close to that feeling of the sun on your face, the dry, grippy road surface, and the delight felt after a long day riding. But, it's not that easy riding in hot weather. Amidst the scorching temperatures and high humidity that summer brings, it presents its own set of challenges, hindering your body's ability to dissipate heat. Here's your guide to riding in the summer and four key tips to keep your cool.

Motorcycle ride on a hot summer day

Stay hydrated

You tend to dehydrate quicker when riding a motorcycle on a summer day. This may seem like it goes without mentioning, but riders must stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water that refills the vitamins and minerals lost when sweating.

Most people out there don't know they are dehydrated until they start showing symptoms like dizziness and headaches. To prevent this, we recommend that you bring a hydration backpack when you are riding. This includes a water bladder along with a drinking tube that can be used on the go, even when you are using a full-face helmet. It's a beneficial asset for summer rides to keep you cool and hydrated. At Team Motorcycle, we have a Nelson Rigg 40L Hurricane Waterproof Backpack that has an integrated front pocket to hold an optional hydration bladder.

Wear the right gear

When the summer heats up, everybody loves to wear shorts, tees, and flip-flops, But, trust us, none of these makes sense when you are on a motorcycle. Riding gears for summer isn't always the same as that for cooler weather. During a summer ride, make sure to stay comfortable by wearing something well-ventilated or has large mesh panels to promote airflow. There are certain items developed for warm weather riding. Let's take a quick look at some of the important ones.

  • Footwear

When it's hot out there, motorcycle boots can be considered too heavy and uncomfortable. But they are still fundamental for a safe ride. So, what you have to do is, choose sturdy, durable, and breathable boots that can reduce sweat formation. A good pair of summer boots ensures that your feet can firmly grip your motorcycle. Always make sure to look for those that have lace on the inside to avoid getting your laces tangled.

  • Jacket

Wearing a fashionable leather jacket for summer rides can make you sweat inevitably. So, you need to wear something light and breathable such as a Mesh Motorcycle Jacket. Mesh jackets are more breathable, and when you are buying them, make sure that they have C.E-rated armor that protects from cuts, scrapes, and accidents.

  • Gloves

Motorcycle gloves are a must, especially on a hot summer ride. When your hands are damn sweaty due to heat, there's no doubt that your grip can slip at any time. Wearing the right pair of motorcycle gloves can help you overcome this situation. Not only will they offer you a better grip, but they also provide excess comfort and added security if you experience an injury.

Summer motorcycle riding gloves

Riders never plan to crash, but sometimes accidents happen, and wearing the right motorcycle gear can reduce the severity of injuries. Wearing a pair of full-length gloves, mesh jackets and pants, over-the-ankle riding boots, and a full-face or modular helmet can protect the skin from sunburn and dehydration.

Avoid alcohol

Resist the idea of drinking alcohol before or during a summer motorcycle ride. This is not just because we should not drink and drive, but also because it affects your metabolism in such a way that it gets you dehydrated, making you feel tired sooner.

Take frequent breaks

If you are planning a long ride, make sure to stop at least once an hour just to relax and refresh. It can be quite tempting to keep going and enjoying the views, but it can also be dangerous.

Take off your helmet, pour some cold water on your head, and make yourself feel refreshed. You can also wear a bandana to soak in cool water and wear it on your head. If possible, try walking around a bit and do some light stretches to relax and get the blood flowing throughout your body.

Knowing how to keep both you and your motorcycle in the best condition during the summer will not only let you stay safe but enjoy the beautiful warm weather and the adventures it unlocks.